How to set "Favorite" (Config) buttons for Red Series Fan + Light Favorite" fan and light? And Default turn on value?

According to the instructions that came with the fan/light it does support scene control. (It is in the Getting to Know Your LZW36 Fan Switch in instructions A, B, C and D).

To set the Favorite/Config button on the Red Dimmers I go into Hubitat’s Rule Machine and create a button device for button 7 pushed. (On the fan/light that would be button A for the lights and button D for the fan).

Using Hubitat’s Rule Machine I started creating a Button Device as I do with the Red Dimmers. However, when I get to the point where I would pick which button to set I only had the choice of button 1 or 2. I didn’t have multiple button pushes like I do for the Red Dimmers nor did I see a way to pick button A or D.

I was thinking maybe I should use the fan and light “child” devices but they did not show up in the list of devices to choose from.

Also, while I like the fan to come on to where it was set the last time, I want the light to always come on at 100%. For the Red Dimmers, LZW31-SN, I set the switch and software Default settings to 99 in Hubitat, but I don’t see anywhere to set the fan light’s Default turn-on value. How do I do that?

Help please.

Thank you,