How To: Set Notifications With MyQ Garage Door with SmartThings

Hey everyone – I wrote up a tutorial about connecting your MyQ Garage Door Opener with SmartThings. I did have a lot of help from the ST Community (specifically this thread: How to: SmartThings_MyQ SmartApp using MyQ Sensors with IFTTT - How-To - SmartThings Community).

Reason I did this was because on Sunday morning, I went to go leave to run some errands and saw that the garage door had been left open all night. I have had MyQ for 4+ years, but it was connected to Wink and well, we know the rest.

Anyway, it looks insanely complicated, but I promise it’s not if you’re familiar with installing Device Handlers and SmartApps (if not, here’s a quick tutorial: it should take maybe 15 minutes.

Any questions, let me know – it works great!

Glad I don’t have a MyQ . . :roll_eyes:

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I was looking at getting myQ…I think I’ll get a Z-Wave contact switch for open/close ability.

Have MyQ, can confirm it works well with IFTTT and ST.

Also, the app itself has notifications, which are MUCH simpler.

I use it for auto-close when there has been no front yard motion for 15 minutes. Works perfectly! Also two down taps on some of the switches also triggers close (never ever open!). Again, works great.

I’m confused. I have My Q and used the Brian Beaird app and device handler with smartthings and never setup anything with IFTTT… I’m no longer on smartthings as I’ve recently migrated to hubitat, but it’s the same on that side as well…Is IFTTT really required?

You can choose whether or not to have the sensor that came with the Myq report via IFTTT switch and virtual switch in ST. I did choose to do that. It works without it, but you have to provide your own tilt sensor.

Edit: added as response.

Ah ok thanks for explaining. I already had a zwave tilt sensor prior to adding My Q so I went that route.