How to set up LZW31-SN with Z-Wave JS in Home Assistant?

I am running Home Assistant OS 5.11 with the Z-Wave JS integration and a HUSBZB-1 USB z-wave stick. HA included the switch and I can toggle and dim the lights from HA. How do I set up an automation in HA to activate scenes from the switch? More specifically, what Event Type and what Event Data do I need to input to link the button presses with my scenes?

How To: Setting Up Scenes In Home Assistant explains how to do this with Open Z-Wave but after reading up on OZW and ZW JS, it seems like JS is the favored, better-supported integration. I looked into installing OZW and setting up my switch there anyway but this installation guide is using HA 3.13 and calls for an add-on called Terminal & SSH which appears to be no longer available. So it seems like both guides are a little out of date.

Is there an updated guide for configuring LZW31-SN in HA using Z-Wave JS? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Great question – and one of the reasons why we’re launching a Wiki for the community as it’s hard to keep up with all these new platforms and changes.

I’ll be starting a JS wiki shortly and hope that someone can pitch in with some help.

PS: I know this doesn’t answer your question, but just wanted to call it out. Hopefully someone can hep you in the meantime.


Thanks for the reply. A community Wiki will be great considering how much knowledge is out there. Someone on my post on r/homeassistant replied with a link to this blueprint which was super helpful. I am now able to use my Inovelli switch toggle both the dumb lights connected to it and the Hue light strips under the cabinets in the same room.

Now I’ve got two more questions! Regardless of how I have the scene/automation set up for 1x or 2x button press in HA, the button presses will always toggle the dumb lights connected to the switch. Ideally I would like a 1x press to turn on the Hue light strips only and a 2x press to turn on the dumb lights connected to the dumb switch. Is this possible?

Also, how do I configure the LZW31-SN parameters like the turn on speed?

If you want to automate through node red, I made a subflow for scenes…

I do all automations through node red, i dont use HA automations/scripts/blueprints for anything.

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Thanks. Why do you prefer node red over HA for automations?

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Personally I think its so much easier to visually view an automation as opposed to just reading text. And to add more to it or change it, super easy.

Heres a good intro to it…


I use both.

IF/CONDITION/THEN I do use Automations


For example, motion to light on is Automation, but home mode based on 3 people’s device trackers is in NR.


You can disable the relay which basically means the toggle no longer operates the light and then your 1-press automations can operate the relay/lights.

For the switch settings, access them via the add-on interface. I believe they will eventually be editable in HA but are not presently.

I do the relay thing with a dimmer in my bathroom. A motion sensor operates the relay to turn on the main lights, the brightness is set depending on time of day. Pressing up alternately turns on or off a heat lamp and pressing down alternately turns on or off the fan. Both of those are controlled with a relay module in the fan box.

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To add clarity here, Zwave JS 2 MQTT add-on does have a UI and is accessible to change parameters, while the Z-Wave JS server add-on does NOT have a UI.

Make sure if you are using the Zwave JS integration in HA you disable MQTT in Zwave JS 2 MQTT add-on otherwise you will have duplicate devices!

ZwaveJS integration SHOULD be getting a UI and ability to change parameters “soon” but that is probably a few months from being production and 100% ready for use since these devices are at the top of their class on complication/features.

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How it works is confusing to many people.

As Docker containers, I’m running HA core so I fired-up ZwaveJS2MQTT to see what it did and also added the integration to see it. But I deleted the integration and stopped the container for now. ZwaveJS2MQTT did have the ability to adjust parameters it seemed, but I didn’t did into it too deeply.

ZWaveJSserver get installed if you are using HA supervised and install the integration via the supervisor, right? And you can’t set anything with it, or can you do settings via HA in the developer tab?

Right now, I’m using OZW and it works without any issues at all for me, so I have no reason to switch yet.

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