How to wire bypass?

Is this the correct way to wire the bypass in? I’m running lzw31-sn with a single led bulb with neutral and even with bypass its still not turning off.

Prebypass was pulling in about 31 volts ac when off.

Haven’t checked post bypass yet.

That is correct. Does it dim at all when you toggle on/off? Which hub are you using?

Using home assistant. It dims somewhat when off.

Running zwavejs mqtt because it gives me the confit options

Have tweaked the various neutral options on and off to no avail

Sorry to ask, but this is a non-neutral install right? The fact that the light is staying lit kind of sounds like it might be wired with a neutral… Possibly, but then again I’m not an electrician…

Do you have an incandescent to try out? Some LEDs do not work well with the dimmers (MOSFET vs TRIAC). If not do you have a different brand LED?

It has a neutral wire hooked up

Incandescent works correctly.

Should I disconnect the neutral?

Make sure the terminals are fully wired in.

So the bypass is only required in a non-neutral config when there is not enough watts going across the dimmer. I would definitely keep your neutral wired up. Are you installing a bypass because the bulb stays dimly lit when “off”?

Not exactly correct. While the bypass is typically used in a non-neutral to allow enough current to keep the switch powered, it can also be used to bleed off leaked voltage in a neutral configuration.


I can’t tell from looking at the housing. Are the bulbs swappable or did you wire in an incandescent separately? If the bulb is swappable, I’d try another one. Take a look at the compatibility list. It’s a work in progress currently being converted to another format. So if you don’t find something suitable there, shout out and Inovelli will look it up manually in the new, yet-to-be-published platform.

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You are correct, and OP had already answered most of my question in his original post. I need more sleep.

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Try setting it to dumb 3-way mode.

What does dumb 3 way mode do vs 2 way? Just a guess and try?

A relay in the dimmer will start switching. Try it to see if it might turn-off the output.

So I pulled out the switch and re-wired everything.

Doing some testing I found the following

Line to Load: 116 acv
Line to Neutral: 120 acv

Line to Load: 30acv
Line to Neutral: 120 acv

So when I got the bypass in there - it dropped down to 5acv and everything started working.

:man_shrugging: - no idea why it didn’t work the 1st time.

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Did you try dumb 3-way mode?

I didn’t try dumb 3-way mode - just pulled everything out and started again.

OK, in dumb 3-way mode the dimmer seems to switch the output between the output and the traveler terminals to allow the dumb 3-way switch to control the load. I’ve tried the mode on a dimmer and an internal relay starts clicking but my load works find without a bypass so I don’t know if it would help or not.

Sounds like something to check out tomorrow morning. I’d like to get voltage measurements.

Yeah I might test myself but if someone beats me to it I’m very interested to know if the switch is in 3-way toggle mode and neutral, does it COMPLETELY cut the power to load via relay or is the circuit to power the electronics still allowing energy to bleed through.


I know why it didn’t work the first time…”a ghost in the machine”!

I have (successfully :wink::grin:) wired hundreds of switches and outlets in my life, (I know what I am doing). Yet STILL, every now and then, I get everything wired up on a new switch and…nothing. Everything is wired correctly but I get “crickets”. Inevitably, it turns out that a connection, which looks perfectly good, isn’t. Some Romex wire isn’t stripped quite enough and is clamped on the insulation or a twisted wire got folded over, loose wire nut, etc. it happens. I end up rewiring the circuit the exact same way and, 9 times out of 10, Eureka. Stuff happens sometimes. It’s a waste of time and effort diagnosing it and it is definitely frustrating, but it just happens.

In other words, don’t think on what caused the problem too hard. It happens to the best of us.

Glad you got it working.