Hubitat and Blue Series LED Parameters

I replaced a few switches at home with the Blue Series 2-1 Zigbee switches. Setup was without an issue, I have them integrated and using rules wihtout issue.

I’m trying to make the LED strip behave a certain way and can’t find adequate documentation on the features at all. I assume it should be here. But the wiki only says “coming soon” and the firmware for existing features is out of date.

WHAT I’M TRYING TO DO: I want to make the led change color/pattern based on triggering input, then revert the led strip to “normal” when the input clears. I understand how to define the triggering input, however, I don’t know what to parameters to set to change the LEDs.

For instance one of my use cases is to have the switch LED’s go to chase pattern/RED when an exterior door is open. When all the exterior doors close, it shoudl revery to the (currently) default BLUE color of the strip, no animation.

I’m sure once I understand what I’m setting it should be easy to expound from there, but right now I’m coming up empty. Thanks for any help you guys can give me, or resources you can point me towards. I’m off to search the hubitat forums for answers, too.

You should use parameter 255 to clear the notification. (parameter might not be the right word. Basically in your rule machine, you’ll set the LED effect as 255 to clear the notification.)

The first place to look for the latest documentation is . That is the new support site. You may find documentation in other places, but those are left over from the migration to the new support site. Everything may not be there at present, but they’re getting there.

Here is the switch section:

That only answers part of what I’m trying to find out… Is there a compendium of parameters and the associate values somewhere? For example, when I’m setting these parameters as part of an action, how am I referencing that value in Rule machine? I see I’d choose “ledEffectAll” as a custom action, but how do I reference the effect, color, level and duration? With commas as a string? so like 5,0,10,255 or do I go here and enter the generated value as the parameter as a number? I assume the string I set is the correct way, so when the event clears, I would just set the same parameter as a string to 255,,, ?

So like this?

This is what I’m looking for and starts talking about EXACTLY what I’m looking for, but then never completes:

That’s literally the end of the article LOL.

Make sure you’re not setting the rule with ledEffectAll (5, 0, 10, 255) in one line. You’ll need to add a parameter for each. For clearing, it would just be the one parameter 255.

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So I can’t use a string? Damn, but I understand. So like this:

yea, you’ll need to use number vs. string.

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At work on my phone here, so I’m not able to link directly, but in the Hubitat community, search for “LED Mini Dashboard” – it’s a community developed app available in HPM.

Easy to set up and maintain, and it works awesome.

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So what is the value generated in the switch toolbox used for?

Wow, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for and sure simplifies stuff a lot! Thanks!

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That was for the older Leed-Arson switches. I don’t believe this was updated for the newer V* series.

First, in the toolbox, you need to change the switch type to the correct one (VZM31-SN in this case). And then in Rule Machine add each of the “Configuration Values” as a separate parameter (parameter type NUMBER, not string)