Hubitat driver not updating state for firmware 1.57/1.45


I have a dozen of the Inovelli Red switches (LZW31-SN) on my Hubitat C7. I was updating the firmware on them from 1.48/1.41 to 1.57/1.45 when I realized I had an issue.

Using the latest Inovelli driver (2022-05-04) I find that the switches for which I have updated the firmware no longer report the correct state unless I manually refresh or poll. They can be off with the state showing off, but when I turn them on, the state still says off. I manually poll and the state correctly shows on, but then I turn it off and the state remains at on.

The state is correctly being updated for the switches that are still on firmware 1.48/1.41.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just confirmed that it’s not only the state. The dimming level is not being updated either.
Fortunately, power level changes are updating correctly so my temporary workaround is to force polling whenever there is a change in power.
Of course, this is not optimal because of the unnecessary network traffic this creates.

Just Fyi, It’s working for me on v1.61

I know v1.61 is still listed as ‘beta’ but I’ve been running it since October of last year with no issues.

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Try doing a shutdown and then pull power for 10 minutes, restart and see what happens

Thanks @Rxich , Unfortunately, shutdown and then unplug for 10 minutes made no difference. It won’t update unless I do a manual poll.

You can flash back to the lower firmware, to check and see if it helps

Can also re-re-flash the firmware. Did you do a hard reset after flashing? Some of the new features wrote over memory that was previously used to make it all fit, so after firmware updates it is generally accepted that an exclusion/reset/inclusion is required.

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@kreene1987 Thanks Kevin. The hard reset did the trick!
After contemplating having to set all the preferences on each of my dozen switches, I found a better way to handle it in Hubitat (it might be old-hat to Hubitat veterans). But here were the steps:

  1. Open up the Device page in one browser tab. In there you will find all the current device preferences.
  2. In another tab, open settings, go to the Z-Wave Details screen, and locate the device.
  3. Factory reset the switch (hold the config button for 20 seconds).
  4. On the second browser tab, click the refresh button by the device you just reset (NOT THE BROWSER REFRESH)
  5. When it refreshes, a Replace button should appear next to the device. Click it. This will put the hub into a special Inclusion mode.
  6. Put the switch into inclusion mode (click the config button 3 times).
  7. When the second browser tab says that the replace is complete, the device has been added back to Hubitat with the same ID as before.
  8. Return to the first browser tab (where you had all the previous preferences) and click Save Preferences. This will save the preferences as they were before the reset.

This allows you to retain the preferences and keeps you from having to rework all the rules that used the switch.


WHOA, I knew this was possible but super glad you figured it out and got the steps working! Many have tried :smiley:.

Can you mark as resolved for future reference of those who might find this when searching?

@kreene1987 Done.
Thanks to @kreene1987, @Rxich , and @mamber!


Hmm, my guess is this might only work on C7s. I have a C5 and don’t have a “Refresh” button.

@seth I believe you are correct. I am on a C7.