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Hubitat driver question

Hey… just noticed the latest hubitat firmware update has the inovelli drivers built it. I had installed them off GitHub when I first got my dimmers. Is it recommended, for ease of updating, that users now switch to the built it drivers?

The Hubitat in-built drivers are limited to more closely match the other Hubitat switches. So, rather than support eight “buttons” for the paddle multi-tap, it supports only two buttons for paddle up/down single and double-tap, and held and released; plus single tap on the “favorite” button. There is a writable attribute for the notification LED; it does not use the child device scheme for the notifications LED.

This, of course only applies to the scene switches (red series). I have not tried, but I would expect there is little difference in what the black series drivers supply. In that case, there may be some benefit for ease of update using the in-built; plus they will more closely match the behavior of other inbuilt drivers.

Again, for the scene switches, if you use more than double taps, or use the notification child devices, you will need to stay with the Inovelli drivers on github.

Update: thinking about what I said, the hold/release would be for the red switches only; for dimmers, hold is local dimming control.

Hrmm… Weird… It’s not a generic switch… They just added, in a pretty recent update, inovelli specific drivers and “inovelli smart dimmer” is a different driver from “inovelli smart scene dimmer”… If it was a generic driver why would they separate those two?

The “smart dimmer” is the non-scene black dimmer. It does not support multi-tap. The “smart scene dimmer” supports one or two taps, and sends those events similar to other scene dimmers/switches in Hubitat.

This is opposed to the Inovelli model, which supports up to eight taps, generating a button push; the button number being the number of pushes, and as “pressed/held” for “up/down”. I.e., tapping up three times generates a “button 3 pressed”, and down four times, a “button 4 held” event. (This is from recollection; the exact numbers may be different, but that’s the gist of it anyway).

Hrmm… Well thanks for the info. Super confusing that hubitat but it in there along with the brand name if it doesn’t actually support the brand fully, would have been clearer if they just called it generic. Thanks - I’ll just stick with inovelii’s GitHub driver then!

It does several things the generics don’t: It supports the “favorites” button and LED color+mode on the scene switches. For both the scene and non-scene switches: the LED on and off colors, and auto-off feature.