Hubitat firmware upgrade: Please wake your sleepy device

I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my LZW30-SN device. Whenever I try using the steps provided for Hubitat, I get a message, “Please wake your sleepy device” when the firmware updater tries to get the version info.

How do I do that?

The device is currently at FW 1.09 and I am trying to upgrade to 1.20 that I found on the firmware pages.

There are two versions of the Hubitat updater … If I recall, one of them had this issue with parsing firmware and transmitting it to the device, so it may be possible that you’ve grabbed the wrong version.

Aside from that, I’d try pulling the air gap on your device (the little tab on the bottom of it), then pushing the update again. I’ve had this happen a few times, and it takes a little coercion to get it right :slight_smile:

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Also make sure you’re pulling the firmware from a remote server. 100% of the time I tried to update the firmware from a file on my hub, it failed in the wake sleepy device state.

Thanks - I’ll try that at some point. FYI I used a URL from the Inovelli site. I followed the instructions on the Hubitat page so no idea if that is linking to the correct device driver. I would hope so :slight_smile:

hi guys, i have the same issue of “wake up sleepy device” when trying to update firmware from 1.09 to1.2; i have tried the air gap and have verified the updater rev (1.00) by brian copeland. @dan did you find a fix?

Not sure what causes it but I’ve had luck fixing it by removing the device, adding without security, updating, then adding again with security.

@BrenenP i followed your advice; no luck … any one else?

Did you tap the confg button 3x?

@stu1811 … no i did not as the procedure did not indicate this… so you are saying that once i have 1. changed the device type to Z-wave Firmware updater
2. loaded the Firmware url
that i should tap the config button 2X then begin the updater?

I thing most actions require you to wake the device (press config 3x). The device will provide data based on a timer but otherwise goes silent to save battery.

@stu1811 that did not work as well, i even downloaded the file uploaded into Hubitat, that failed as well

Does anyone have a fix for this issue yet?

I’m having the same issue. Any solutions?

I am also having this same issue.

I just wanted to close this thread out as there seems to be a solution located in this thread: LZW31-SN "Please wake youe sleepy device" hubitat

I’ve tried inserting the zwaveSecureEncap code in my firmware updater code and it hasn’t resolved the problem.
The firmware update initially showed “Starting… Getting Current Version…”
Shortly after, the LZW31 dimmer continues to state “please wake up your sleepy device”
I’ve also tried the air gap pull, tapping 3x on the config switch, and other means. The switch is unresponsive.

Worked ok with older firmware. This situation was caused by attempting to upgrade to v1.57 zwave firmware.

Appreciate any recommendations for how to revive my LZW31 dimmer…

UPDATE: Never mind… :frowning:
My Sleepy Device problem was related to a dimmer that was locking up after reboot.
It wasn’t responsive to any commands or button taps.
Pulling the airgap caused it to reboot and fall back into a locked-up state, so it wasn’t accepting zwave commands.
Root-cause was the need for a bypass at the light fixture.
This is a non-neutral setup with only two 4-watt LED bulbs.

Adding the bypass and rebooting the switch with an airgap pull put it back into a normal state where it could accept zwave and firmware update commands. All good now.