Hubitat+Homekit (beta)+Dimmer black, export as button not working

I have Inovelli Dimmer Blacks connected to Hubitat, and thanks to this post, I can get it into Homekit as a Dimmer (not a plug, how it comes in by default).

The problem I’m running into is these dimmers are intended to control Hue lights. I know Blue switches can talk directly to Hue lights, but they are currently backordered, so I’m hoping to make due until then.

I tried a Homekit automation of “when switch is on, turn on Chandelier” and “when switch is off, turn off Chandelier” but this is slow and sometimes fails to control the Hue lights.

I was hoping in Hubitat / Homekit Integration (beta) app, I could export the switches as “buttons” instead. My thought process is that an automation triggered by switch going off may be “waiting for the switch status to update”, whereas a button press automation would directly tell Homekit to run the automation. But I tried assigning Homekit automations to buttons 1, 2 and 3 (to turn on Chandelier) but neither Inovelli switch up, down or scene button will fire any of these Homekit automations.

It would be nice if the “export as dimmer” could also export the buttons.

Anyone have any ideas how to speed up this automation?

I’d build the automation directly in rule machine in hubitat. you can also use the Room Lighting app, or the basic rules app, both of which are probably simpler than rule machine. It’s still not going to be as fast as zigbee binding, but it will be quicker than homekit.

I treat homekit as a secondary UI rather than an automation hub, and it seems to work pretty well for that purpose.

I don’t use Homekit, so this is just a guess here. The Black series is not scene enabled, so there probably aren’t buttons to export.

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