Hubitat - how to SetDefaultDimmerLevel() on Light/Fan LZW36?

I have a hubitat hub and have recently started setting the default dimmer level at different levels based on different times of day. It’s great for a few switches to be able to hit on, and have it 100% bright in the day but only 30% in the evening and 10% at night.

I have done this with a few dimmers I have, but didn’t know how to do it with the LZW36. Is it possible? I looked on both the parent and child devices and didn’t see the option.


Still would love to know how to do this

Are you asking about the LED strip(s) or the actual light level? Either way I’d expect this to be possible through a combination of modes (day/evening/night) and then a rule config.

Not talking about a strip, just the switch’s default level. If I hit on and it’s night, I only want it to go onto something like 10%, but if it’s day I want 100%. Without the setting for the driver, I can’t set the default level of the Inovelli switches

Ok cool, so those should be parameters 12/13 depending on local or zwave. or can set them both at the same time. Do you have different modes for day/evening/night that rotate through already?

You should be able to do something like this, where you select all LZW36’s that you want to change the parameters on -

^note that it’s 3 numbers as the parameters, you can’t put them all in as a string. The first number is the parameter, the second is the level you want it set at, and the third is the size which is 1 (from personal confirmation and also -

You’d then just use separate rules for each time of day to change that around.