Hubitat Inovelli Google Home


I have been using my Inovelli switches now for a couple of months and they are great, but i am ready to deal with some of the annoyances I’ve had and i am hoping for some help before my wife makes me take them out! LOL.

I have 10 Inovelli Red Dimmers and a house for of Hue lights and google home hubs throughout. I have my switches setup via scene controller via rule machine w/ smart bulb mode on and relay disabled.

  1. I walk into the room i turn on the light via Inovelli switch, great everything works. I then decide i would like to dim the lights to 50% via google home hub or the app or hue app. Great, lights dim to 50%, every single time boom! the lights pop back to 100%. I then have to proceed to fight the switches scene versus scenes set by other devices constantly. Anyone experience this? know a way around it/fix it?

  2. I am constantly having to turn internal relay back on to re-power the switch? As i understand if i turn on the switch to 100% and then turn off internal relay why do i have to turn relay back on to get it to control scenes again. Anyone experience this? Any solutions?

  3. Inovelli made these great LED notifications on the front of the switch, however, i cannot for the life of me find a way to control them separately, I simple don’t want LED light shining brightly when i go to bed. Since I have internal relay disabled the LED just stays on or off, is there anyone that knows how to control the LED separately? As in a simple IF THEN i can setup in hubitat?

Thanks for listening, hoping for any help!


I cannot help you with the Hubitat end of things but I am curious about your switch settings. You should not have to turn local control back on to get it to work as a scene controller.

In your case, you should have both Disable Local Control and Smart Bulb Mode turned on. Just double-checking those settings. Others here can help you with the Hubitat stuff.


I do have both of those things setup, however it goes weird at least once a day where i have to re enable local control to get it working again.

Could you tell us more about how you have the bulb/switch configured with Google in Hubitat? It’s possible Google is directly dimming the switch instead of the bulb causing the problem?

It would also be helpful if you could post the Hubitat log when this behavior happens so we can better determine what might be causing the problem.