Hubitat / LZW31-SN problems

My LZW31-SN was working fine with Hubitat until this week. Suddenly, it stopped reporting to Hubitat and stopped responding to commands from Hubitat. It continued to work as a manual switch.

I updated Hubitat from to right around that time. A second LZW31-SN and an LZW30-SN upstairs had the same issue starting at about the same time. The Hubitat is a C-5.

After a few days of hoping the problem would fix itself, I decided to try to re-include it. That didn’t work. Excluding and then including also didn’t work. After a few failures, I tried a reset by holding the config button for 20 seconds. At that point, it stopped working as a manual switch. It still will not include on Hubitat.

I held the config button for 5 seconds and the LED turns green, so I believe signal strength is ok.

I have decided not to try doing anything with the LZW30-SN or the second LZW31-SN until I get the first one working, since it seems likely that the same thing happened to all of them.

This part is more concerning than the rest. A factory reset should not disable the local control.

Turns out local control wasn’t actually disabled. Somehow the dim level get set low enough that the lights didn’t go on when I tapped the top button. When I held the top button to increase the dimmer level, the lights came back on.

After posting this, I spent some time reading on the Hubitat Community. ZWave problems after updating are happening to other people. Turning the Hubitat off at the switch for awhile and then back on solved it for others. I will try that today. I use my Hubitat for controlling my HVAC, so messing with it just before bedtime in winter didn’t seem wise.

maybe try pulling the air-gap switch ?

Tried that also. Didn’t work.

I’ve got a C-7 so we might be having different experiences. I bought a Z-Stick and plugged it into my laptop to help with inclusion and upgrade issues for the more distant switches. My experience has been that when you get far enough from the hub, even if the mesh should cover you, exclusion and inclusion aren’t always reliable. If you have a convenient junction box, you could try including the switch while it’s powered on closer to the hub, then moving it to its final location.

I’ve considered building an extension cord into a single gang junction box so that I can conveniently include, upgrade, configure, and check out switches prior to deployment just to eliminate the initial problems, but I’m getting close to 90% of the switches I care to change out being done, and it’s probably not worth the time anymore.

I have concluded that the problem was caused by the Hubitat “upgrade”. I have followed the advice on Hubitat Community about stopping and restarting the ZWave radio and that has resulted in the other devices that fell off around the same time coming back. The switch I was messing with last night has not come back, but that is probably because of the factory reset I did to it. Tonight, I will try again.

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Just to close the loop, this problem is now resolved. I had one failed attempt to get the switch back into Hubitat. On that attempt, it included fine, but then wouldn’t communicate. On the second attempt, it worked like it is supposed to.