Hubitat LZW36 Question

I have been using the LZW36 for a while and i have always had 3 tiles one for light, one for fan and one that turns off both fan and light. Each of these tiles used to be one click for on and off and hold down to change the dim or fan speed.

A few days ago I noticed Fan icon still does one click but the the other two now show fan speed and light dimming bar and I lost ability to use the one click option Any ideas how i revert back to the old way?

What app are these tiles in? Hubitat dashboard, google home, …? Which driver are you using Inovelli, Hubitat built in?

It’s on my HomeKit app. I should have said that

And I been using the inovelli driver for a couple of months

I don’t use Homekit, but I have seen no changes in the tiles from either my Hubitat dasboard, or Google Home app. I would suspect Homekit made a change that is causing your issue. A Hubitat or Homekit community might be better places to find your answer.

What are you using to tie into HomeKit from Hubitat, are you using makerapi or the homebridge app or something else?

@chack I am using tonesto hubitat plugin to tie into HomeKit

I’d lean towards what djordan2112 was mentioning as far as changes on either the Hubitat/Homekit side being the source of the issue since the drivers haven’t changed. I can’t speak for Homekit, but I know with the community Google Home integration you can set device types within each category and that can affect what options you get, not sure if it’s the same with tonesto’s plugin.

I’d recommend hitting him up here, it looks like there was an update to the plugin 6 days ago. It’s very possible that it affected something you were using or that it just needs a slight tweak to the settings you’re using to go back to the functionality you’re used to -