Hubitat LZW36 - Switch Fan no longer paired to Hubitat

Good afternoon

Well, being in Northern Virginia, my kitchen ceiling fan has not been on since December. My kitchen and living room fans are both triggered by main floor temp >71, but I digress.

So I walked in and the living room fan is on low, as expected from the trigger but the kitchen fan sits idle.

I verified all of my rules have not changed and then are correct.

On the fan switch, hit the fan low button, and said fan came on. Sweet, not a canopy pairing issue. Hit the A+B for 5 seconds, and the notification light was green. Awesome z-wave connection.

However, I cannot control the fan from Hubitat? What is my next step before deleting the device and setting it back up?



Do you see the device in Hubitat? What happens if you go to Settings > Z-Wave details and look at the device from that view? (possibly a refresh on the device)

Good evening,

Yes if I go to Settings > Z-wave details, The Fan/light is listed. I have an older hub (C5) so I do not have the radio buttons to refresh or repair the device.

Are you able to see if it’s still connected through that screen? If not, I’d probably just go with the exclude/reinclude process since it will be quickest unless you’ve got a ton of rules to update.

The best that I can tell, it looks like it is connected. However, no control within Hubitat. Yes, I have about a half dozen rules assigned to the device.

I guess the other thing you could do to see if it’s connected is pull up the log page and go turn it on and off physically and make sure you see the events in the logs? If so, keep the logs up and try turning it off and on via Hubitat also?

Thanks for all the help.

I went into the log and phjysically switching or having Hubitat switch made no difference in the logs. What was odd is that the house is 72 so the rule to turn on the kitchen fan and living room fan triggered at 0704. The living room fan is working, but in the log the kitchen fan has an error.

dev:11472021-03-11 07:04:44.692 errorjava.lang.NumberFormatException: null (parse)

I guess its time just to remove the fan and reinstall.

Yeah if you can’t see anything in the logs from it, I think that’s your only option here. Hopefully the rule updates go quick and it stays good for you after that!

That may be your only option. I don’t have an LZW36, but your error message popped up in this Hubitat thread and the solution appeared to be firmware related as well.

Does Hubitat have a replace failed node option? If so, you could mark as failed, then hard reset the 36, then replace with the same switch. Retains information and automations, etc. on HA (when properly executed).

I believe the C-7 can do it, but not sure about the C-5. The manual indicates it may be universally supported.

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Just a recommendation. I have done it when I messed something up and it swapped in just great!