Hubitat - Z-Wave Association Inovelli + Ilumin

Trying to get Z-Wave Association working between these two as it should work as they are both Inovelli products and states it should work in the documentation. Main reason I want to do this is it seems like the bulbs like to flicker when I have the Inovelli Switch do the dimming. When I dim the bulbs directly it works much better.

However, it does not seem like it works as when I look at the status of the bulb when I have the switch set to off and it still shows on for the bulb.

I installed both the Drivers for Switch and Bulbs as instructed.

Then I installed as well as the other one as it states parent not found if i just try this one. (Doesn’t help that there is no actual ReadMe)

Not sure if correct but only the parent shows “Z-Wave Association Tool” not Z-Wave Association without the tool. I use it to set up for Group 4 and also tried Group 1 and no luck.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

See this post on Hubitat.

I am able to get the app installed correctly (as far as I can tell) but, the association group itself does not seem to be working. My understanding is if I associate the inovelli switch with the 2 ilumin bulbs, the switch itself is no longer setting the level of the dimmer but, telling the bulbs to set the level. However, when I use the switch it still changes the dimmers dim level and not the bulbs.

Set the dimmer to it’s maximum brightness. Then disable the internal really on the switch by pressing the config button 8 times. The LED on the switch should flash red to confirm that the relay is disabled. Without the relay disabled, you are still controlling power to the bulbs instead of controlling the bulbs directly.