Hue bulbs randomly flashing on with blue 2-1 switches

Lately I’ve been noticing my lights randomly flashing a couple of times while off. They are all hue bulbs, however I suspect it is related to my blue 2-1 switches because:

  1. the bulbs are all paired directly via zha in home assistant

  2. no automations are on to do this, and the circadian lighting extensions are all disabled. Home assistant reports no commands sent

  3. it is multiple bulbs in one fixture at once, not just one bulb, suggesting it has to do with the electricity

  4. it has now happened in at least 3 different rooms, and only when lights are off.

The switches are all in smart bulb mode.

This has seemed to only just start happening. I have no idea how to diagnose or troubleshoot this. Where do I start?

Not sure about the 2-1’s, but with the older gen, power reporting sometimes caused. If you have power reporting turned on and aren’t using it, try disabling those settings.

I’d also recommend try bypassing the 2-1 and power the hue bulbs directly. See if the issues continue or not. (Basically move the load wire to the second line port on switch).

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My challenge is that it’s not frequent (at least as noticed). Far less than once per day that I notice it, so it feels difficult to be sure that any solution fixes it. The power reporting actually gave me an idea to try to check it. I’m not sure that the flickering shows up in the power reporting, but it makes sense that it would. I looked at last week and indeed there were random spikes only on March 8th of last week – when I noticed it. There were some the week before.

There was also a spike in another room’s power reporting, and around a similar, but not the same time.

I could try to turn off power reporting to see if it fixes the problem. I don’t really use it, but it might be hard to verify that it’s actually fixed or not…