Huh? What is compatible and is not?

I was just looking here and saw this, and it says that the most popular bulb IS Compatible and Incompatible , same with LED bulbs?

Perhaps a document issue I assume?

The wording on the page could likely be better, but in short they will list the compatible and incompatible bulbs under the respective heading. If you check out the dimmer page it should help make sense:

@Eric_Inovelli would it be possible to update the language on the page to something like this:

"The following bulbs have been tested by Inovelli and/or our community, and determined to function properly with our Gen 2 dimmers. The bulbs may require setting a minimum and/or maximum level for full functionality.

The bulbs have been organized based on their type, as information is available. If there are no bulbs listed under a specific type as compatible and/or incompatible, check for that manufacturer under another bulb type. In most cases another bulb type from the same manufacturer will fall under the same compatibility."