I bricked my Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch

Long story short… I bricked my new light switch.

When I close the air gap allowing power to the switch, it says CYAN, BLUE, YELLOW and then a dim BLUE. The dim blue could be the “off” blue as I did change the LED brighness of “off” to 5. After this, the switch does not respond at all. The dim blue light remains lit, and nothing else. The Config/Up reset procedure does nothing.

Is there any other reset procedure I can try?

Neutral or non neutral? Two way of three way? Bulb load?

Neutral, Single Pole, Smart Bulb. The load is Philips Hue bulbs, wired to the load side of the switch.

If this helps… I had originally paired it to Home Assistant using ZHA. Not satisfied with this setup (I was unable to find a way to read the brightness of the dimmer) I decided to switch to Zigbee2MQTT. My wife and two kids left me, but I did manage to get this up and running and reconnected all my devices. The first time I paired the switch there were lots of RED warnings.

The second time I paired the switch there were only green messages (I think). However, in Home Assistant most of the values of the sliders were NaN (not a number) and I was not able to change them. I was able to adjust some things, like the LED off brightness level, but some things like make the LEDs blink returned errors that I can’t remember… something about a translator wasn’t available or something like that. My overview page was also much more cluttered than when I was using ZHA.

My original plan was to tie the Philips Hue bulbs brightness to the brightness of the Inovelli switch using an automation, but to do that I need to know the brightness of the Inovelli switch, which I was never able to figure out using ZHA. But now I don’t have a switch at all. :frowning:

Turn off breaker. Air gap is just soft reset

I thought an air gap was an air gap…? I did try the circuit breaker and got the same result.

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Which version of HA and Z2M addon?

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Thr unsupported attribute message suggests maybe you have an older z2m distro with a converter that isnt up to date… hoping this is the case, b/c it’s an easy fix to update to 1.28

Edit ugh… guess that’s not it

Home Assistant 2022.10.5
Supervisor 2022.10.0
Operating System 9.2
Frontend 20221010.0 - latest

Zigbee2MQTT version [1.28.0]
Coordinator type zStack3x0
Coordinator revision 20220219
Frontend version 0.6.112

Your coordinator is out of date, though I doubt this is the issue… latest and greatest is dated 09/28

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I just flashed the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus yesterday in my preparation to switch from ZHA to ZigBee2MQTT.

For some reason Koen hasn’t bumped the release branch since Feb, but the dev branch is solid. Both the July and now the Sept builds have been problem-free for my z2m setup (same dongle as yours). Here’s the link to the dev branch-


I am now running Coordinator revision 20220928. As you suspected, no change. Although I did notice that what appeared to be white in my iPhone video was actually yellow in-person, so I will revise that in my original post.

Does anyone know what these color patterns are telling us humans?

What are you talking about? Air gap disconnects power, how do you figure that is a soft reset?

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Pretty darn sure it just disconnects the load side (so you can change a bulb), there’s still line voltage coming in to the circuit board up to a certain point. Could be wrong but it felt like my switch acted differently to turning off the entire circuit vs the air gap.

It disconnects the load connection into the switch. It’s equal to a breaker reset minus the line terminal itself.


That would be “minus the line” not load, right?

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Right, my bad.

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So… no one knows how to unbrick my switch? Or what the colors represent when powering on the switch?

Are you sure the wiring is correct? The colors cycling are the switch restarting, usually because it isn’t getting enough power to stay on.

Can’t speak to the Z2M portion, but can I ask if you remember what wasn’t showing up for you in ZHA? We should have all the parameters and entities available there.