I can't get Hubitat Z-Wave Association to Work

I’m trying to create a simple On/Off Z-Wave association between two Inovelli Red 2-1 Dimmers (VZW31-SN) in Hubitat. I followed Eric’s instruction here to a T, but it’s not working. I didn’t put any security on either switch. I’m just trying to turn on two sets of lights with the flip of one switch. I’ve got the association set up, but the switches aren’t communicating with each other. Do I need to modify the device settings for each switch?

Data for Bar (Main):
Data for Bar (Secondary):

Are your switches configured for on/off or dimmer mode?

On/off. Pretty sure that’s the default. I haven’t messed with any device settings other than LED color.

Do I need to tweak these “Set Association Group” settings for the switches? If so, I’m not sure what to enter for all the fields.


I’ve already tried playing with parameter 59 (Association Behavior) and I’ve done about every combination there is. I’m stumped.

Is there an “actualAssociation2” state in the state variables? That should appear and it should match the desiredAssociation2 [0C] field. If it isn’t there try to click on the “configure” button. Watch the logs when you do and let’s see if there is any relevant info there.

Actually, I think I may have found the issue. Can you test this new version of the driver with the configure method I mentioned above. If it doesn’t work then post the logs of when you hit the configure button.


Newbie question. Should I be able to import this URL into Hubitat? The other driver URLs I imported started with “https://raw”. Nothing shows up in Hubitat when I import this URL.

This time you will just have to copy and paste. After we confirm it has worked I’ll put it up in github and you can import like normal.

Still not working. Here’s the state variable for the “main” light, followed by the state variable for the “secondary” light.



Looks like “main” light is showing up as it should, but the “secondary” light doesn’t list a “desired association” at all.

I hit “Configure” a couple times on the “Secondary” light and this is what the logs show:

It doesn’t even mention “Group 2” anywhere…

Also found this in my logs, not sure if this is helpful:

Okay, good, it looks like the first switch is configured. Now you need to use the association tool again to make a association the other way. So from the secondary as the source and the main as the destination.

After that set only one of them to have an association behavior of Local + Z-wave (probably the main) and that should get things all setup.

Oh, I didn’t know the association had to be set up both ways. That worked! Thank you so much!

So, I was actually just using these two lights as a training to make sure I could set up Z-Wave Associations. My true goal is to get 3 VZW31-SN’s in my living room set up to replicate the behavior of 3 “dumb” multi-way switches. In other words, all I want to do is: If I turn one of the three smart switches on/off, I want the other two switches in the room to also turn on/off.

These 3 switches were wired to be dumb multi way switches, so I know the wiring is there. And right out of the box, before I even touched Hubitat, two of the three switches did exactly what I wanted. And thanks to your help, I just got the third working via Z-Wave Association.

But my only issue remaining is when I turn off the “main” living room light, power is cut from the other two switches is the room. The LEDs both go completely dark and the switches become totally unresponsive to physical inputs. I just want to be able to turn on the “main” living room lights from all three locations (replicating dumb switches), but right now I can only do that from one location.

Any ideas? What should Parameter 22 (Aux Switch Type) be set to for all 3 switches if I want to replicate a “dumb” 3-way set up (simple on/off from all 3 locations)?

This is a wiring issue. It sounds like you have one switch’s load feeding the line inputs on the other two switches. They all need to be directly connected to line for this to work as you intend. The first switch should have a line, load and neutral connected. Both others should only have a line and neutral. Grounds everywhere of course, but not mentioned above for simplicity.

You want to set it to local + zwave at the first switch (the one connected to the load), the others should be local only.

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Thanks for the helpful reply! Regarding your first comment, is it a wiring issue that’s a simple fix for an electrician? In other words, is it something simple behind the switch that can be changed or the kind of wiring issue that can’t be fixed without ripping walls down?

Because again, all 3 switches were wired originally for a “dumb” 3-way set up so I assume that means I can recreate that set up with these smart switches (with a simple fix from an electrician). Right?

Yes, it should be possible to rewire with the existing wires you have in place. If you are comfortable opening up the switch boxes and pulling the switches out and taking pictures of the wiring in each of the boxes, someone in the forum here should be able to help you get them sorted.

Here’s a link to the wiring diagrams page that explains the desired state: Red Series 2-1 Switch • Wiring Schematics | Inovelli Help Center. You want the last diagram “Multi-Way (3-Way) + Smart Switch x2 Diagrams”.

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Thank you @rohan and @EricM_Inovelli, I got an electrician here and after he changed some wiring, my z-wave associations work perfectly. Really appreciate your help, now onto some of the fun stuff!

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Awesome, glad you were able to get it all figured out.