I Got a New LZW30-SN Switch with v1.20 Firmware Installed, Latest on Support Site is v1.19

I finally got my shipment of switches and dimmers (took about a month as they were back ordered). I believe they came right from the factory. Anyways, I since I ordered 20 devices I setup this little firmware updating station that would allow me to do them quickly (still one by one). I went to update the first switch and it was on v1.20 and the latest available here is v1.19. Is that a mistake, or am I on the latest?

Yeah 1.20 is the latest - there was some miscommunication between the firmware engineer and us in that he made a slight tweak before sending out to production.

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Do you know if the Red Series Dimmers also have a newer firmware? I wasn’t paying attention and flashed the first one with v1.48. I haven’t had a chance to do the other 9 yet.

FYI, I had a bunch of 1.9 version switches that I flashed to 1.19 for the instant on/off function. However I had some newer ones that were 1.20 that intuitively I’d have thought would have supported that property but did not, so I had to flash those also to 1.19.

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Same here, just got one of these with 1.2 firmware, the documentation that came with it says that the “Instant-On Optimization” is supported, but it isn’t. When configuring from the switch there are only 7 configurable options, not 8 like the documentation says. wasted an hour on this trying to select the 8th configuration parameter only to come on here and realize the documentation was wrong. Even after updating to the 1.9 beta drivers this still doesn’t work.