I think I got a dud Blue 2 in 1

Ordered a blue 2-1 and fan canopy at same time. Switch came a while ago. Canopy just came a week or so ago.

Go to connect em. Fan canopy pairs fine. Switch wouldent go into pairing mode at power on, or pressing config 3x. Tried turning off local control, didnt help. Tried hard reset, still no pair.

Only pulling air gap and then pushing back in made it go into pairing mode. But it still wont pair. (Mind you, canopy paired fine and they are in the same room obviously)

Think I got a dud, unless anyone has other thoughts.

I use Z2M and have had a few switches that were a pain to pair. It wasn’t the switch, but more my network not wanting to pair. I ended up rebooting my computer that Z2M was installed on and that ended up working.

A couple questions to help troubleshoot, what are you using to control the network, is it SmartThings, Hubitat, Z2M, ZHA? That will help get the right people involved.