Illumin light stuck on blue

One of. Y illumin lights is stuck on blue nothing I have tried works I have excluded it did a factory reset but it always stays blue

@EricM_Inovelli – can you troubleshoot this on your HS hub?

@Bill – a couple of questions for ya:

  1. Did this happen when you changed the color or did it just happen sporadically?
  2. Are you able to turn the bulb on and off or is it stuck in the on state to blue?

Sorry about this, super strange. If we can’t replicate it on our end, we’ll definitely swap it out for another one. This is definitely the first time I’ve heard of this, but we’ll figure it out!

I can turn if off and on, and when I send the cool white command the light gets a little brighter but stays blue (would have expected it to turn white) - turn on and off other color channels has not effect. Three other lights work as expected - but I am have an association problem with them as well (different post) It has been constantly blue for about two months (again I can turn if off and on) - love your switches not crazy about the lights.


@EricM_Inovelli – are you seeing this at all with HS?

Eric did you mean to show something don’t understand your response by itself
" are you seeing this at all with HS"


Sorry, no, I was tagging our CTO, who’s name is also Eric :slight_smile:

|'m Eric_Inovelli, whereas he’s EricM_Inovelli – confusing I know lol!

I haven’t seen that on Homeseer or other hubs. Seems like it might be defective. Especially if you have done an exclusion / inclusion. The exclusion sets the bulb at a low level warm white. Inclusion sets it at a high level warm white. If you are only seeing blue during that process than something is wrong with it.

@Bill – shoot me an email (or PM) and I’ll swap this out for you no worries.

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@Eric_Inovelli how do I email or PM you?


I think if you click on my name and then click, “Message”, it should work. If not, let me know. Otherwise, you can send me an email – it’s just my first name

Talk soon!

Reviving this to close it out. I believe this was a defective bulb and has been resolved via an RMA. If this happens to anyone searching this, please reach out for a replacement.