LZW31-SN Factory Reset Help

I have a new Red Z-wave Dimmer (non-netural wired). Currently it is always on: faint cyan led & overhead light is very dim. Holding the Config button will turn the light green and then yellow after 10secs, but no matter how long I hold it there is no further response.

Upon initial set up everything worked as it should with Smarthings & Google Home. I was surprised to see the dimming option available in the apps. When I tested this the overhead light shut off. I factory reset at that time to try to set it up again and that’s when this happened.

If I pull & replace the airgap the yellow indicator light goes off then to the faint cyan/blue.

I am awaiting the arrival of Sylvania bulbs that are known to work, but that shouldn’t affect the factory reset ability.

I have read that excluding the switch in Smart Things has disabled the factory reset, but I didn’t do that, that I know of.

Any tips on how to get it to reset would be appreciated. It was great to have it working for those 10 minutes!

Hey welcome to the forum. Being in a non-netural configuration it sounds like you don’t have enough load going across the switch for a reset. My switches acted really strange until I added the bypass or increased the load. It sounds like the switch controls a single light fixture, is that correct? Any chance you have some incandescent bulbs around that you can insert into the fixture to increase the load?

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Thanks! I’m excited…probably too excited to get more rooms automated! :smiley:

Yes, this is affixed to a single fixture with 5 light outlets. Currently there are 5 8.5w leds. I do have cfls I could put in there.

I’ll look around. I’m sure there’s gotta be a few incandescent bulbs somewhere around here.

Thanks for the lead. I’ll get back with results a little later today!

Hey @Read5 - I moved your post here bc the other thread was about an ilumin light bulb and I think yours is about the dimmer switch – just wanted to give you a heads up!

Thanks @flipontheradio for your help here and keep us updated @Read5 – good luck!

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@flipontheradio That was it! Good call.
I replaced the LEDs with CFLs temporarily and that was enough to get the switch to reset.

Thank you!

Awesome, glad it worked out! Enjoy your new switches!

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