iLumin LZW42 Bulb in Home Assistant - How to Change RGB?

I just installed 4 iLumin LZW42 bulbs using Petro31’s instructions for Home Assistant:
GitHub - Petro31/inovelli_zwave_config: Hassio/Home Assistant Inovelli configuration for OpenZwave v1.4.

The bulbs successfully pair into Home Assistant, but I cannot find how to adjust the RGB values anywhere.

Under the Node Configuration Options in the Z-Wave menu, I see three Configuration Parameters -
2: Default State
81: Color Adjustment (Warm White)
82: Color Adjustment (Cool White)

Under Devices menu I see two Entities for each bulb -
On/Off Switch

I don’t see RGB settings anywhere. I fee like I’m missing something pretty obvious. Can someone steer me in the right direction?


@petro or @EricM_Inovelli any thoughts?

In home assistant, if you click on the Bulb icon it should give you more options like brightness and color. But I don’t see the rbg color wheel until the bulb is turned on.

Take a screenshot of your device page. If they appear as switches, are you sure you modified the correct #? IIRC LZW42 is a color bulb and it should come in as a light.

@petro how do I tell if it came in as a switch or a light? Check out screenshot of device in reply above.

Try setting up a light lovelace card on the dashboard. Turn the light on from there and then hit the three dots in the upper right corner. The light should show something like this:

If it does not show the color wheel, then you may need to add something like this to the config file to override the supported features for the bulb and restart HA:

supported_features: 177

That is how I got mine working. This took me a while to find because the google-foo search on the topic was not clear on how the lovelace interface was supposed to look.

Hopefully this helps.

@BuilderTroy thank you, that worked! I did have the customize bit in the configuration.yaml file, but I didn’t realize I needed to put the card into lovelace, turn on bulb, and then hit the three dots in the corner. What’s weird is that only 1 of my 4 bulbs has the White value slider. Is the White value slider changing something different that the warm and cold color temperature parameters in the z-wave node config for the bulb? Actually I don’t really understand why there is both a warm and a cold color parameter…usually bulbs just have one color temperature (i.e 3500k), right?

Now that I have this working, I’m seeing that setting the RGB is not that easy. Is there a way to just set the RGB numbers directly, without having to use the color wheel? I’m finding it really difficult to get the exact same color on multiple bulbs. Also, is there a way to edit the RGB values in an automation?

Thanks again for the help!

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Great questions.

Not sure why one of your bulbs doesn’t have the warm and cold color slider. The bulbs should have the ability to slide between ‘warm’ white which looks like the color of a traditional incandescent light bulb and ‘cold’ white, which look like a fluorescent tube. Different white colors are good for different things, warm usually in the house, cold usually where you need to see the true color of things and in work spaces.

I am not sure how to get the exact same color in user interface so maybe someone else here has a way to do it.

For automations, I am using node red in home assistant. There are parameters in the call service node of code red when you turn a light on that you can program the color settings to get exact. Not all the features are supported by the bulbs but setting the color definity should be.

Hope that helps!

Service: light.turn_on

Turn a light on.

Property Desc Example
entity_id Name(s) of entities to turn on
transition Duration in seconds it takes to get to next state 60
rgb_color Color for the light in RGB-format. [255, 100, 100]
color_name A human readable color name. red
hs_color Color for the light in hue/sat format. Hue is 0-360 and Sat is 0-100. [300, 70]
xy_color Color for the light in XY-format. [0.52, 0.43]
color_temp Color temperature for the light in mireds. 250
kelvin Color temperature for the light in Kelvin. 4000
white_value Number between 0…255 indicating level of white. 250
brightness Number between 0…255 indicating brightness, where 0 turns the light off, 1 is the minimum brightness and 255 is the maximum brightness supported by the light. 120
brightness_pct Number between 0…100 indicating percentage of full brightness, where 0 turns the light off, 1 is the minimum brightness and 100 is the maximum brightness supported by the light. 47
brightness_step Change brightness by an amount. Should be between -255…255. -25.5
brightness_step_pct Change brightness by a percentage. Should be between -100…100. -10
profile Name of a light profile to use. relax
flash If the light should flash. Valid values are short and long. short
effect Light effect. random

Have any of you had any luck with the OpenZwave Beta in HA with the LZW42 bulbs? I had them working before by setting them to supported_features 177 and was able to control the white level and RGB. With the beta it didn’t recognize them as having the supported_features 177, so I set them just like before… and while that made them have the RGB wheel and white slider, they don’t change the white nor color. Pretty much just on/off works and that’s it. Any ideas?

There is a fix coming soon. The ozw beta is very beta. I’ve been working with some of the people to get this and hopefully some of the work gets into .113, at least for RGBW support. White temp might be bumped back a version, though.

In the mean time, you can use the ozw-admin or send the raw hex color code (#RRGGBBWWCW) via mqtt.

For anyone wondering about this bulbs support with the new OZW beta, the code for it has been committed and it works well. However it might not making into a stable release until .114, it sounds like the deadline for .113 was missed by a day or so :-/

HA >0.114 with OZW Beta should have a fully functional bulb out of box with no configuration needed.

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