Ilumin security settings

How do I change the security on an Ilumin bulb. I have two added to Hubitat. One joined as “none” and the other is “SO.” I’m trying to set up direct association between an LZW31-SN and the two bulbs which is not going well. They do not stay in sync and popcorn so I’m assuming differing security may be the issue. I excluded the SO bulb and tried again but it is still SO and there is no obvious to me way to change it.

I also tried to set them up as a group to be controled by the lzw31-sn but Hubitat apparently doesn’t support “start lowering” and “start raising” for groups.

They should join as S0, so should the switch, at least on the ST side that works for me.

You can use association group 3 if you want them to turn on/off together. The ramp time is not adjustable and is pretty slow though.

The switch is also joined as “none.” Both bulbs were joined within a few minutes of each other in the same manner. The question is how do I change the one bulb to “none” in Hubitat?

@tinypocket came up with a workaround for this that worked for me as well. This is copied from the Hubitat Community. tinypocket solution

Yeah, I read up a bit more and see that C-7 removed the option to only secure-join locks. These light bulbs did join unencrypted on my C-4 hub, so they do support it but don’t have a way to explicitly initiate an unsecured join like the few aeotec devices I have.
I did find a workaround. I noticed that other devices with poor signal have a hard time joining encrypted so I assume if the handshake doesn’t happen during inclusion it falls back to unencrypted, so I did this: I initiated discovery with the bulb unscrewed (no power), then screwed it in ~3-4 seconds, then unscrewed for 2-3 seconds, then repeated about 4 or 5 times until the device showed as discovered but not fully initialized, then left unscrewed until the initialization fished. That seemed to be enough to mess up the encryption handshake and made if fall back to unencrypted. Worked on 3 bulbs I set up. Last one took a few times to get it right - kept joining secure so had to exclude and try a few times. Now the bulbs are much faster and the zwave association works.

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