Increased response time for scenes?

Hi All!

I have a LZW31-SN switch setup so when we double tap it, it turns on the branch of lights that it controls, as well as another branch controlled by a separate LZW31-SN switch. The response time is a bit slow (1.5-2 seconds) for both branches to turn on. I am using smartthings as my hub. Is the delay due to the scene not being run locally and processed through the cloud? Is there anything I can do to improve the response time? Would switching from smartthings to hubitat help in this scenario?

The light switch is at the top of my stairs going down to my basement, and the switch being controlled is in the laundry room in the basement. A bit of a nuisance hitting the switch, and then waiting a second or two for the lights to come on. When the switches are used individually, they both come on quick enough. Ramp rate is set to 0 for both.

Thanks for any input!

I personally would recommend habitat. I switched 6 weeks ago from smartthings because I had a ton of issues with Inovelli Switches as well as delays with other devices on smartthings. So glad I did. Hubitat is fast, really fast, even dimming Hue lights thru the inovelli dimmers. You wont be sorry you switch.

You could also try using the config button for the scene, may be a little quicker since the switch won’t be waiting for the second or third taps.

Good luck

So the delay happens even on a load the LZW31-SN is directly controlling? SmartThings can be a bit laggy (see last week’s episode of Hubitat Live where one of the Erics demoed the switch on that platform…), but for a directly-controlled load, the hub isn’t involved at all in switching that on (assuming you haven’t disabled the relay or are otherwise involving the hub with scenes for that circuit — I do understand that you are for the other one). In that case, the delay is likely coming from the switch, which as suggested above is probably because it’s waiting to see if you’re going to multi-tap for scenes. Your other circuit would indeed be subject to ST’s cloud delays, so that’s where Hubitat would help.

Hubitat is great, but I just don’t want you to think it will necessarily help with both problems. Inovelli has stated that they are looking into workarounds for the first delay, though I don’t really notice it that much myself, and it will likely come at the cost of either scenes or quicker response since the issue of making sure you’re not multi-tapping remains.

Thanks for the feedback Yoshi. The config button is definitely an option that I had forgotten about, just a little bit harder to find with a laundry basket in the hand :slight_smile:

Bert - Short answer is I have no issue with the first delay. I tap once, and it reacts fairly quickly, with just the slight delay while it waits to see if more taps are coming. No issues with that delay though. The big delay only happens when running the scene. When I run the scene it takes a little while for both lights to come on. Sometimes the light that is controlled by the scene activating switch will come on after the other branch does (by a split second).

I am wondering if once it detects a scene, everything on that scene gets processed through the cloud. Even if one of those loads are attached to the switch the scene is being run from? And maybe this is where hubitat would show a large improvement.

Thanks again for the input.