Individually Addressable LED Bar

I’m comparing the Red vs. Blue Series switches, and I’ve come across two main differences.

  1. Red is Z-Wave and Blue is Zigbee (I have no zigbee devices and only 3 z-wave, so I can go either way on this one)
  2. Both offer LED “RGB Notifications”, but only the Blue supports “Individually Addressable LED Bar”. Does anyone have any examples of how this has been utilized, or what exactly it means? Does it mean I can individually change each LED in the LED Bar on the switch?

Reference: Resources | Red Series vs Blue Series Switch Comparison


That’s exactly what it means. You’ll be able to set color, brightness, etc on a per-LED basis, and several of the notifications work with a subset of LEDs as well. So maybe you want the bottom 3 to pulse while the top 3 are solid and the 4th in the middle is off, you can do that. Or maybe you want to go red/white/blue or sports team colors on your light bar, you can do that too.

The only caveat here is that with the existing diffuser some of the lights will blend a bit, I think 4 separate colors fully lit on 1/3/5/7 was decent, or 1/4/7 if you’re dissatisfied with that.

Edit to add a short clip as an example -


Also as a note, at your own risk, you can remove the diffuser so you’d see all 7 LEDs without the diffused look, or 3d print your own solution there. Or if there’s enough interest we might get Inovelli to offer an alternate option there as well, though I know there’s a lot going on right now :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thank you!