Individually addressing LEDs in HA (Blue Series)

Hey guys,

I wasn’t able to find anything about this but how would somebody change the colour and/or brightness of the individual LEDs on the Blue Series switches within an automation in HA?

Setting the defaultLedXIntensityWhenOn/Off might be workable but I wanted to see if you guys had any other ideas.

ZHA? You can just use device triggers -

I’m currently using Z2M for the inclusions but even setting up the automations in HA I don’t have an “Issue effect for individual LED” action option in the dropdown.

I’m on v2.08.

Got it, that’s from ZHA so that makes sense it won’t show up.

For Z2M, I think this should be what you’re looking for.

Yeah this looks like exactly what I need. It would be great if this could just be included in a future software update. @Eric_Inovelli

There is one issue I’m running into though… The colours for the individual LEDs seem to get stuck and become unchangeable after they’ve been set. I found this was happening using the normal HA UI sliders and through Z2M.

So right now, I have a switch that I’ve been testing on and now when I attempt to set the value of any of the individual LEDs, they don’t change. They changed fine initially using that service (from the blueprint) but now the only way to get them to change is by setting “ALL” of the LEDs. If I set the “ALL” colour to off, then the individually-set values of the LEDs come back.

This seems like a bug but I haven’t seen anyone else have this issue.

Any ideas?

[edit] It seems to just get to a point where it doesn’t want to update the individual LEDs no matter what. Setting “ALL” always works though.

[edit2] Going back into the Z2M “exposes” page for the switch and resetting a bunch of the colour/intensity fields a few times seems to eventually work (at least I managed to get it to work once) but it still feels like there’s some accidental overriding going on in a way that it’s not obvious as to why. Most of the ZHA/Z2M colour/intensity controls don’t seem to have an effect most of the time but will occasionally work for a bit but I haven’t been able to identify any patterns as to why.

I don’t think there’s any way Inovelli can include that by default, it’ll be a standalone script in HA.

You’re sending a notification effect with that script, I believe it should override, but maybe try sending a ‘clear’ effect and then the desired effect? Or if you double click the config button it should ‘acknowledge’ the notification and clear it unless you disabled that in the config options.

I’m not 100% sure but after “waiting a while”, using just the script and not touching any controls within the ZHA or Z2M UIs works reliably.

I actually tried running “clear” on them first but that didn’t seem to work for me when I was messing with it. There’s definitely something weird going on in there but I suppose with that script, it’s all good.

Thanks a lot for the help on this one – wasn’t able to find that link on my own (although that’s likely because this is the first time I’ve worked with blueprints).

Do you mean it’s all working as expected now? Or you still have to give it some time in between before any new commands seem to work?

Weird that clear didn’t work, I don’t have Z2M set up though to compare. Happy to help!

I’ve managed to get it working 100% as I need it but if I try to mess with any of the UI controls, things get weird again so I’m just going to stick with the script to do everything.

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How does your Zigbee network look? So you just have a few devices or have you built out a solid mesh?? The “eventually works” makes it sound more like a network issue to me

The network is being built out 1 switch at a time but is solid. The “sometimes works” issues only apply to colour and intensity on individual LEDs. Everything else is 100% fine as far as I can tell.

When changing the LEDs via the script linked above, it works totally fine now and I’m a bit hesitant to go back into the UI to mess with the sliders as I don’t want the switches to get back into a weird state like they were when I was originally messing with them.

I would be willing to help provide some more troubleshooting info if anybody cares for it but otherwise I’m just going to stick to what’s working (for me).