Inovelli Black Dimmer Switch Settings

Is there a guide to all the Settings for the black dimmer on SmartThings? I wanted to get rid of the delay when pressing the toggle to turn my lights on, and I did so somehow, but now they don’t slowly dim when I turn them off. Is there a way to have instant on but slowly dim while going off? Thanks.

Are you using Inovelli’s custom DTH? If so, they have a pretty wordy explanation of each preference in the DTH, so you should see that in the app when you change the settings. The manual has more information, or at least different phrasing, but even the online version doesn’t appear to have been updated for the “new” parameters (the one related to the delay that you’re talking about):

However, it sounds like you are talking about two different things as well. The 750ms thing was just the delay between releasing the paddle and the moment at which the switch/dimmer “registered” an action, like a single tap (which on ST would become a button event and an on/off event, for example). This is because the original Black firmware was based on the Red firmware, where it needs to wait at least a little bit after a tap to know if you’re doing more. The issue a lot of people complained about is that 750ms was too long, so it felt like they tapped the switch and had to wait nearly a second for the light to respond. (This doesn’t really make sense on Black since you can’t do multi-taps in the first place, but that’s the history;you can probably leave it disabled, but maybe keeping it eliminates some side effect I don’t know about…) That’s one thing.

The other is how long the light takes to fade on, even after registering this action. That much should be similar to what you can do from the ST app by manually turning it on/off, though it should be noted that you can set physical vs. digital ramp rates to something different (but by default they are the same: 3 seconds, which I personally also find quite long) .Inovelli’s DTH lets you adjust both of these, too, and these parameters have been there since the beginning, so you should see them in the manual.

A third thing to consider is the “minimum dim level” parameter. It’s possible that when your dimmer is at, say 1%, that it’s not really providing enough power for your lights to turn on. Maybe that lasts up until 20%. In that case, your perceived “delay” will be even longer because for the first 1/5 of this fade-up, your lights aren’t even on. This is also something you can adjust using Inovelli’s DTH, and it’s also a parameter that has been there since the beginning and is described in the manual.

Between these three settings (or four if you count both physical and digital on/off events), you can probably find a combination that works for you. :smiley:


Great. Thanks for all the details. I’ll check it all out and experiment.