Inovelli Black toggle switches - bypass and use as a "dumb toggle"?

I currently have an Inovelli Black On/Off switch incorrectly wired to a 4-pole circuit that covers only 3 light bulbs (I did not wired it to the master) basically, I have 1 switch downstairs right next to my staircase, and two more at the top of the staircase ~5 feet from each other (one master, one…4-way I think?) controlling one bulb over the stairs and 2 in the loft.

So, 3 bulbs covered by 3 switches - overkill.

I’ve lazily put off correcting my wiring job for a couple weeks, and in the mean time have started working from home at a desk in the loft and realized something I hadn’t considered before after having the 3 lights on during the day - I’d rather have the bulbs independently controlled so the one over the staircase isn’t shining in my eye all the time.

I think "no problem, I’ll see if I have a matching set of smart bulbs somewhere around the house, swap the Inovelli for a dumb switch and repurpose it, and just leave the 3 switches powered on so the bulbs and be controlled another way.

I realized 2 problems with that though - I, or other people, may reflexively flip those switches and make the Hue bulbs unreachable, and secondly I’d have to buy more Hue Dimmer/Aqara buttons and mount them next to the old switches, still in the circuit.


I want to install 2x of my Inovelli Black On/Off switches in the 2 non-master switch outlets, powering them but also effectively bypassing them (I want the on/off state of the 2 Inovelli switches to not matter so power is always running past them anyways) so the bulbs are always powered (unless the master is turned off), and them I want to use the on/off presses of each switch as triggers in Home Assistant to control the lights via HomeAssistant

Is there any way to do this? It seems the only 2 device trigger for the Involle Black I have installed downstairs is “Lights are turned on” or “lights are turned off”, which seems like it is just reading the state of power to the lights.

So if I understand you correctly, you have two 3-way switch legs in which you want to install the Inovelli in the box without the Line? (I’m guessing that is what you mean by the non-master box.) Further, you want the dumb switch in the box with the Line to be able to turn the light(s) on and off but keep the Inovelli powered full time so it can be a scene controller.

That is pretty easily doable, but it depends upon your wiring configuration.

If you have a Line in one box and the Load in the other and you have a 3-wire between the two boxes, then you do this: Wire the Line box dumb switch using a 2-way switch sending the switched hot to the other box over the red of the 3-wire. Using the black and the white of the 3-wire, send a constant hot and neutral to the far box. At the far box with the Inovelli, use the black and white to power the switch full time. Connect the red (switched hot) to the load. This way only the dumb switch controls the light but the Inovelli stays powered.

If your Line and Load are in the same box, then do essentially the same thing, except you won’t use the red on the 3-wire between the boxes. Just send a hot and neutral over the black and white to the Inovelli box to keep it powered as a scene controller.