Inovelli Blue 2-1 in Smart Bulb Mode with dumb 3 way doesnt work

I have an Inovelli Blue 2-1 Dimmer with a dumb 3 way switch. In normal (non Smart Bulb) mode, the switch works as intended.

In Smart Bulb Mode I bound the switch with the bulbs. The switch can only control the bulbs when the 3 way switch is in the “on” position. I know the binding works, because when the 3 way switch is on, the Inovelli correctly controls the bulbs.

I know the 3-way wiring at least works because in non-Smart Bulb mode, both switches work as expected.

Is this a firmware issue or is this not a compatible configuration?

That is not a compatible configuration.

Smart Bulb Mode enables 100% power to the Load terminal all the time. This is done to keep power to the Smart Bulbs all the time.

A dumb 3-way would be turning the load on/off from two different locations. Why would you want that with Smart Bulbs? :man_shrugging: