Inovelli Blue series flooding Zigbee network

Running HA, Z2M. My Zigbee net work is getting flooded with the messages below.

Logger: homeassistant.components.mqtt.number
Source: components/mqtt/
Integration: MQTT (documentation, issues)
First occurred: December 25, 2022 at 9:43:10 PM (15179 occurrences)
Last logged: 8:26:20 PM

Payload ‘{“action”:null,“activeEnergyReports”:10,“activePowerReports”:0,“autoTimerOff”:0,“brightness”:167,“buttonDelay”:“500ms”,“defaultLed1ColorWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed1ColorWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed1IntensityWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed1IntensityWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed2ColorWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed2ColorWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed2IntensityWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed2IntensityWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed3ColorWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed3ColorWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed3IntensityWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed3IntensityWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed4ColorWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed4ColorWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed4IntensityWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed4IntensityWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed5ColorWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed5ColorWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed5IntensityWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed5IntensityWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed6ColorWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed6ColorWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed6IntensityWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed6IntensityWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed7ColorWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed7ColorWhenOn”:null,“defaultLed7IntensityWhenOff”:null,“defaultLed7IntensityWhenOn”:null,“defaultLevelLocal”:200,“defaultLevelRemote”:200,“dimmingSpeedDownLocal”:127,“dimmingSpeedDownRemote”:127,“dimmingSpeedUpLocal”:127,“dimmingSpeedUpRemote”:25,“doubleTapClearNotifications”:null,“doubleTapUpForFullBrightness”:“Button Press Event + Set Load to 100%”,“energy”:0,“firmwareUpdateInProgressIndicator”:“Enabled”,“invertSwitch”:“No”,“last_seen”:“2022-12-26T20:26:14-06:00”,“ledColorWhenOff”:170,“ledColorWhenOn”:170,“ledIntensityWhenOff”:1,“ledIntensityWhenOn”:100,“linkquality”:36,“loadLevelIndicatorTimeout”:null,“localProtection”:“Disabled”,“maximumLevel”:null,“minimumLevel”:“”,“onOffLedMode”:“All”,“outputMode”:“Dimmer”,“periodicPowerAndEnergyReports”:null,“power”:0.2,“powerType”:null,“rampRateOffToOnLocal”:127,“rampRateOffToOnRemote”:127,“rampRateOnToOffLocal”:127,“rampRateOnToOffRemote”:127,“relayClick”:“Enabled (Click Sound Off)”,“remoteProtection”:null,“smartBulbMode”:“Smart Bulb Mode”,“state”:“ON”,“stateAfterPowerRestored”:255,“switchType”:“Single Pole”,“update”:{“installed_version”:16908808,“latest_version”:16908808,“state”:“idle”},“update_available”:null}’ is not a Number

I made the log shorter so it’s easier to read also if you are using ZHA, the solution to fix the flooding network is on post 41 by raph. Solution for Z2M is below as marked.


What version of Z2M are you using?

I’m seeing similar behavior. Running koenkk’s latest docker image version 1.28.4.

My network performance has definitely degraded since starting to install switches (I’m about 13 in so far). Symptoms include a lot of timeouts for bulbs. I’m using Tube’s PoE co-ordinator (with the latest fw), which has been rock solid for a year.

Same here. How many devices do you have on your network? I’m in the midst of splitting my network to reduce the # of devices. My network keeps crawling to a stop over time. After removing devices, things have improved for the moment

@Eric_Inovelli @EricM_Inovelli @Courtney_Inovelli sorry to ping you all here but I think the community would appreciate a response with respect to degraded network quality even with the new switches - has there been any research to date related to these reports? I’ve seen a few now over the last week.



@MorganM I have the first batch of switches. Is this related to the faulty switches? I have a couple in the affected range but I haven’t had any issues. I’m using MQTT Edge but since it’s the switches reporting non stop, I don’t think it would be related to it as far as I know. But, I’m also new to all this stuff. Thanks. I have 20 devices, 10 blue switches and 10 hue bulbs.

We’ll do some investigating - it will likely be next week when everyone is back though.

I haven’t seen this behavior on SmartThings personally and haven’t heard anything from Habitat users so I’m wondering if it’s HA related.

I guess we get to see if paying for the Home Assistant Certification and going through that process pays off.


I disabled the default reporting for activeEnergyReports and activePowerReports in the zb2mqtt device menu and my logs aren’t being flooded anymore. I see some improvement to network response. I’ll give it time to settle out and potentially do some restarts later to see if it helps stability.

Really appreciate this. I do wonder if it’s a matter of just how many devices are on the network and whether they are reporting too many messages/flooding. Thank you Eric

I did the same but still am having significant performance issues

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I may have been a little optimistic. My logs are filling up again.

“update_available":null is what is making these reports. It’s throwing it because of the “null”. It needs to be 1,0 or some other value. For some reason MTQQ doesn’t like “null” as a value on update_available. I’m not good at programming and if there’s a way to exclude it in home assistant without a firmware update. I’ll mess with it and see.

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So far this only seems to impact Home Assistant. I have not seen this yet on Hubitat, although maybe it’s just not logging it. I’ll see once I get all switches installed.

With MQTT I believe update_available must be a boolean value. It should resolve to false or true. (0 or 1). It’s been awhile since I’ve messed with Home Assistant, but this could be a configuration error in Home Assistant itself / in the driver itself.

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How many switches have you installed so far?

So home assistant complaining about null update is inconsistent and even when it’s not the network is still getting flooded. In the reporting tab, if you change the values, it seems to help the network.

any way to see if ZHA users are affected as well? i’ve disabled the power reporting entities for the switches …

Are you guys seeing anything error related in the HA logs as well or just in the Z2M logs?

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@MRobi It’s posting in HA logs as well.

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I have 13 (of my 30) blues installed and am also seeing significant slowdowns and congestion happening. Makes me a bit worried to install the other 17.

Overall these switches are amazing and hoping this is just a small hiccup that can be fixed :slight_smile:


do you happen know how to do this in ZHA? i’d love to disable and reduce congestion on my zigbee network. i just need to know when they buttons are pressed lol (i dont care about energy usage etc).