Inovelli Blue with Armacost universal led driver

I am thinking to use Inovelli Blue smart dimmer to dim Armacost universal led driver used for puck lights.

I wonder if this is not supported? I saw in Blue Series 2-1 Switch • Manual | Inovelli Help Center, seems like we shouldnt use Inovelli blue if transformer is involved? wonder why this is the case?

Seems like it should just work.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, that is correct. You should not use it with a transformer.

It wasn’t designed nor rated to be used with low voltage devices.


I had a similar question (except planning on using the white series). Could you explain why a universal dimmable led driver that is meant to be used with a 120VAC dimmer wouldn’t work? The switch is dimming the AC side, not the low voltage side.

Me? Not really. I can only tell you that it wasn’t designed to work with an inductive load. If you’re asking about the in-depth technical details, that would be up to Inovelli to explain, if they care to.