Inovelli Driver Handling of Z-Wave Device Firmware Update

I just noted something that Inovelli might want to update in their drivers.

When performing a firmware update, the drivers do not handle the responses and it might be better if they did. Performing an update on an LZW31-SN right now and the log is getting positively spammed with:
Unhandled: FirmwareUpdateMdGet(numberOfReports:1, reportNumber:35)

This is with the latest 2020-10-01 driver loaded. NOTE: The reportNumber changes as the upgrade is progressing obviously.

In any case, it might be better if these are at least handled with a better description and maybe even doing some more to “lock out” the device while the update is happening or such. Or, at a minimum they could just ignore the response rather than have it be listed as unhandled.