Inovelli Edge driver access

Does anyone have a working link to Inovelli Edge driver SmartThings channel? The one I found in ‘Edge Drivers • SmartThings’ article gives me ‘You do not have permission to access the specified invitation’ error.
Inovelli Edge Driver Access

That’s the proper link, as it’s also listed in the Help article for Edge. May have gotten bonked somehow, as I’m getting the same error.


Got to be a SmartThings bug. Nothing has changed on that link forever. Maybe try again after waiting a few hours?


Yet another Samsung/SmartThings screwup issue.
Impacting more than just Inovelli’s edge driers.

Not a fan… (struggling with Samsung Firmware on Juno Connect wafer downlights for over a year now)

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The link is working now.


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I was able to enroll and install the drivers. Thank you all for your support!

P.S. I have to admit that since Samsung took over SmartThings this platform has degraded a lot. I still keep my fingers crossed on its improvement but it is becoming harder with each passing year.