Inovelli Orders

Hey @Eric_Inovelli, when you get the time would you mind looking into my orders? I attached a screenshot from from my account showing the orders I placed. There are 4 separate orders I placed but I have only received 3 so far and on the inovelli site they all still show unfulfilled. There wasn’t any receipts or paperwork in the package showing the order numbers of what was sent for me to correlate with the order numbers on the website.

Probably more a question for @Courtney_Inovelli

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Good Morning @Courtney_Inovelli

Would you be able to look into the above issue for me?

Hi @ryknow27!

I think it must have been an import error into Shopify because I am only seeing three orders from you on my end.

These two are being listed as the same order number, and when I check PayPal I only see three payments from you as well.

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