Inovelli pitched working on a potential motion switch with LinusTechTips

If Inovelli can win over Linus, this will be a huge win for them

Just saw this video as well. He was fuming at the Jasco CS rep.

Alright, I’ll spill the beans. I was hesitant bc I know there are other projects being worked on and/or stalled so I didn’t want to cause too much of a commotion, but we actually have a ton of traction with this one from both a very large B2B company and hopefully Linus/Jake.

I’ll start a thread, but in the meantime, here’s what we pitched him:

Project Linus - PRD 060322.pdf (1.7 MB)

Would love it if anyone reached out to him and/or commented on the video!


Alright, I posted the official project page here: Zigbee / Matter Motion Switch | Project Linus (Blue Series)

Would love to get everyone’s thoughts!

Thanks @mraz.camren for posting :slight_smile:


I run all Inovelli switches… Only exception is a bunch of Jasco motion switches because no one else makes them. Several have died on me and some act funny. Also no FW updates (until now, but they don’t exactly make any real updates). So, I was super excited to read about the 2020 roadmap (2020 Product Roadmap)… but haven’t heard a peep about it since… When I saw Jasco switches and FW updates Linus’ video, I knew what he was in for.

Anyway… I would LOVE Inovelli to bring a product to market and the pitch deck looks amazing!! My preference is Z-wave simply to avoid the crowded 2.4GHz space. Either way, Z-wave or Zigbee, I would jump on this on day-1!!

Motion detection with mmWave? That would be awesome!!! I hope we get there.

The potential behind Inovelli is so great and I think they just started to unlock it with the blue series.

From my perspective, Inovelli needs to focus only on light switches (specially the blue series) for a while. Their products are feature rich and their design is so sexy that Lutron “kind of implemented it” on its luxurious and extremely expensive RadioRA 3 line of products which target high end customer.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make Inovelli one stop shop for all my light switch needs? To start building a new house and use 100% inovelli switches?

And man, all it takes for Inovelli to conquer the world is a line up of 4 to 5 different switches.

Im hopping “we” will get there one day (one can dream :sunglasses: )

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Ok which investor I’ve talked to is this? Colin, this you?

Kidding aside, that’s definitely the strategy moving forward. My (and I think the other Eric’s too) aspirations have always been to create an entire ecosystem, but that’s proven to be such a challenge from a capital standpoint that I think we’ve finally accepted reality that it’s probably not going to happen, at least not in the sense we were thinking.

But every single potential investor has said the same thing… focus on what you’re good at. For you guys, it’s lighting. So, don’t put out anything other than lighting and when you do, make sure it’s unique and in your case, make it the best bc there’s no sense in trying to race to the bottom to compete with price.

So, how do we do that?

Community… and constant improvement. So much so that when companies like:

Do it, yeah it may seem sexy at first from an aesthetics point, but from a constant improvement standpoint, those guys will never be able to keep up. I’ve worked at a huge company like that before and yes, they have the resources to build whatever they dream up, but what they don’t have is an understanding of their customer, nor do they really care (I can’t speak for Lutron, maybe they’re different, just speaking from my own experience) bc at the end of the day it’s just a job for someone.

Whereas for companies like us, and I’d argue probably Hubitat, this is what we literally live and we want this in our own houses. It’s fun for us to interact with you guys and work together (rather than hire some focus group and listen to canned answers and/or answers that fit the narrative) to build something.

Anyway, I went on a tangent, my bad lol.

We will, I promise. There’s a lot of momentum building behind the scenes that I’ve had to keep tight lipped on, but there’s a reason we’re still around when we literally have had no stock for like 8 months. It’s bc I twilight selling time shares…


And OnlyFans….a fan selling company.


Ride the wave of this momentum, it will help in building your great compnay

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A lot of this kind of reminds me of AMD (where I work) vs Intel in recent history.

Before Lisa Su took over AMD, it was on a course toward certain bankruptcy. Quickly. But the strategy that saved AMD, which was a tenth of the size of Intel when I joined and probably much smaller back then, was focusing on what they did well and kicking ass at it. That means CPUs and GPUs and that’s it. And now the company is insanely profitable and very well respected. So many people would rather have an AMD processor than an Intel processor.

By contrast, the sudden newfound competition wreaked havoc on Intel’s CPU sales. They started to become less and less competitive. But Intel is big. They have a ton of resources. And that means they actually can get away with having a diverse portfolio of products. And they do. And so while they worked to get back into a competitive swing on their CPUs (which they’ve absolutely accomplished) I doubt they were in any real trouble. Maybe you bought a Ryzen CPU, but if you want a good wifi card to pair it with, Intel kicks ass!

But yeah, get big enough to do whatever you want it’s often good not to keep all your eggs in one basket. But until you’re at that point, you’re often best focusing on your strengths to blow the competition out of the water.

Yes! Yes! 2000 times - please do it. That looks great. I’ll take 10 now. Can you please let me beta them? :slight_smile:

After conquering lighting, I’d love it if you took over Hubitat. I set it up with a ten-pack of Red Series switches up for my brother and although I love Hubitat’s flexibility, their UX is the worst I’ve seen in any home automation front end. It’s absolutely abysmal. You guys have UX down.

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