Inovelli Red On/Off Switch with GE Add-on Switch

The equipment:
Inovelli Red on/off Switch
GE Add-On Switch
A single light in the hallway controlled by two light switches.

I thought that I could use the Inovelli On/Off switch with a GE add on switch. But here is my confusion.

Junction box 1 - three-wire cables coming in. One with a red traveler and two without (just black/white/copper).
Junction box 2 - single wire cable with red traveler.

The GE Add on only has two terminals, traveler and neutral. I cannot find a schematic anywhere that shows me being able to run a three-way with the GE Switch only having a traveler and neutral.

Junction 1
Wire Cable 1 - Line (120v)(black) wire nut to cable 2 white
- Neutral (white) wire nut to Cable 3 white
Wire Cable 2 - Black to bottom left of switch 1
- White wire nut to Line (Cable 1 black)
- Red to Switch 1 bottom right
Wire Cable 3 - Black and white (I assume this goes to the light)
- Black to Switch 1 top right
- white - wire nut to cable 1 white

Junction 2 - single cable
- white to switch bottom right
- black to switch top right
- red to switch bottom left

Can I use the Inovelli and the GE or do I need to get a different aux / dumb switch?



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Welcome :slight_smile:

Your drawing is pretty clear… based on that, I believe this is how you can get what you want.

BTW you don’t need an Aux switch, a dumb 3_way will work just as well. However the Aux switch will work just fine.




Worked PERFECT. Thank you very much and I am glad my scribbling was legible :slight_smile: