Inovelli Smart 2-1 Switch (Zigbee2Mqtt)

I just received and installed the new Smart 2-1 Switch, but in Home Assistant, it’s not showing up anywhere as a device or entity. I paired the device using Zigbee2Mqtt, where the switch shows up as “unsupported.” There’s also a security QR code included in the box, but the pairing process did not request it.
Is there something I’m missing or has the Zigbee2Mqtt database not been updated with this new switch? Thanks in advance.

Are you using the production or edge version? I’m using production. From the addons page it says “Current version: 1.28.0-1.”

Edit: I’m using a beta unit and they did not have the QR code. I paired by enabling “Permit join (All)” from Z2M then entering pairing mode on the switch.

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Agree with @stu1811 - you’re likely running an outdated z2m. The switch is natively supported:

According to the change log, this converter was bundled with release 1.25.2 on June 1. 1.28 (Oct 1 release) has been rock-solid for me…

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Thank you. An outdated Zigbee2Mqtt was the problem. The Add-On did not update itself. Instead, I had to follow these instructions

Everything is working fine. The pairing process did not ask for a security QR code.