Inovelli supplying URC?

The z-wave alliance tweeted something the other day that caught my eye and looked familiar.

I think I remember back in 2020 there was a mention of inovelli partnering with a professional home automation company or some other partnership. Is this the fruition of that?


I have to wait to give you an official response (wink, wink). Hang tight.

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Cool, if their gateway supports a lot of products that would be cool. Currently, the weak link in my switches is my reliance on HomeAssistant. I feel my inovelli switches would easily be as reliable as my Lutron stuff, but all the problems come from the integrations in Home Assistant randomly crashing and me needing to relaunch the integration or restart home assistant core to fix the issue.

speaking of the gateway, it seems to only support 40 devices :confounded:It’s a professionally installed system, so not really comparable to HA, Hubitat, SmartThings, etc.

Off the record – they should be highlighting their system at CEDIA (side note: anyone going to be there? We won’t have a booth, but we’ll be walking around and could meet up if you want). The touch-panel is pretty cool, but admittedly, I haven’t played with it as much as other systems.

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Also, to answer this part:

No, this is not the company we were referencing :wink:

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Hrm, something is up. Mine has been running rock solid for weeks at a time without fail.

I am running on server-grade hardware, but never had any issues I didn’t cause (or an update didn’t require a change). Stability has not been an issue though.

Recommend you throw your logs in an issue over on their github!


Same here (set and forget) except mine is definitely not server grade. Currently a 5 year old dell desktop on it’s side with the case open. Lol. I’m working to rectify the issue. I have a 22U rack in another room waiting to get filled. :partying_face:

Official response to this thread = No comment :wink:


Are you using ZwaveJS? I only reboot to update. >month uptime with no zwave issues.

In what context are you guys using your switches? Are you using scenes to control smart bulbs with the switches in smart bulb mode? Or are you guys using the switches in their default mode to dim dumb bulbs?

I’m running HA on a Dell optiplex with a 512 ssd, 16gb ram and and 8th gen i5.


:thinking: Did you post in the wrong thread? …

Or is my thread totally hosed???

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Now if this could turn into Inovelli getting its customers access to self install URC’s equipment that would be something.

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My HA is rock solid. what platform are you running on?

I have a HA server running in a NAS docker container. It’s rock solid. But Inise mine to monitoring devices Hubitat cannot integrate with.