Inovelli Switch with Ring Alarm

I am ready to buy 40 Inovelli Red Dimmers, almost.

I have invested in a Ring Alarm, moving away from Vivint.
Ring Alarm ‘Works With’ the GE In-Wall Paddle Dimmer.

  • Turn any lights on or off from the Ring App when connected to the dimmer
  • Adjust the brightness of any dimmable light connected to the dimmer paddle
  • See if the lights are on or off and check the brightness level from the Ring App
    I do not need/want any more than the same from the Inovelli Red Dimmers, no scenes or notifications. I have faith Inovelli will work towards that in the future.

If I connect an Inovelli Red Dimmer to the Ring Alarm will I get the same functionality as the GE In-Wall Paddle Dimmer?

Thanks, Rick

Just to clarify, do you plan to get red series dimmers? You say switches but I’m assuming you mean dimmers.

Ok, posting a reply to my own post.
I installed a Red Dimmer I forgot I had and added it to Ring.
It is working great and I would guess as well as the GE Dimmer.
The only thing is it is difficult to control from the Ring Mobile App, kind of buried in the screens, not on the home screen at all.
I am guessing it is no better with the GE Dimmer but if anyone knows please post.
I can control with Alexa though voice AND an Echo with a screen.

The notification feature is what really sets the Inovelli switches apart from it’s competition though. I filled my house with Inovelli for the sole reason of being able to change the LED indicator RED when the alarm system is armed. I justified it to the wife by telling her if a potential intruder looked in the window, the red LED strips would be a visual indicator that the place is armed. In reality I just think it’s cool LOL

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I couldn’t decide what meme to deploy here…


Either way, nice move!

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I agree completely and must have mis-phrased about not wanting the notifications on scenes.
My priority is getting all this working with Ring, and I don’t know of a way to do that AND have the notifications and scenes working as well.
So for now I am happy with the switches working through Ring to turn on and dim, hoping that someone will get Inovelli working with Ring’s hub, or Ring’s hub can be connected to another hub that works at a more advanced level with Inovelli.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Someone from Inovelli would know best but in my limited research the switches will probably have to be “Works with Ring” certified to get notifications and scene support. It doesn’t look like the ring platform supports any sort of custom device handler (i.e. Smartthings, Hubitat, Home Assistant, etc). Looking at the list of “Works with Ring” certified devices is kind of concerning based on how few brands are on there. I have a good friend that worked at a major smart home tech company and him explaining the process of getting a “Works with Smartthings” or “Works with Nest” certification sounded like a long drawn out nightmare.

I believe this is what you’re looking for.

This integration is really making me consider replacing my Smartthings ADT alarm with a Ring system. All Ring devices can be pulled into Hubitat and controlled locally. It just so happens Hubitat also has the best solution for doing Inovelli notifications using Bert’s driver.

This is reason I’m moving to hubitat, the community is awesome. Just some caution, the author of the script states “Ring’s cloud servers in this integration are via the private API calls that Ring does not publish or give permission to use for this purpose. I wrote this integration for fun and I do not trust it with my safety. It’s a hobby project.” Ring has been in the news lately because their api hasn’t been very secure and they are forcing 2 factor auth for their users (which might break the api?). Plus plenty of smart home companies are shutting off public access to their api’s, Nest being one of the recent big names. I had a Sensi thermostat that Emerson blocked the api on 2 months after buying (grrr!). Harmony hub tried to close the local api but thankfully reverted. Sorry I’ll stop being debbie downer, the involli switches are great!

Perhaps this is a good sign?

I’m using my Switches and Dimmers with the Ring Hub/App right now. They work, and you can control them via the Ring App and Alexa (the option to control them in the Ring app is buried in multiple sub-menus, for a better experience I’d just control them through the Alexa app if you don’t want to use voice). Just know that there is no configuration in the interface and all configuration is done via paddle. I’m currently having trouble setting some paddle settings because, apparently, some of the documentation is wrong.

Otherwise, the switches work without a problem (I don’t need to config anything). They pair great, and it seems that the dimmers/switches extend the Z-Wave network (for better coverage w/ the Ring devices).

I should note that upon pairing, sometimes I get an “incorrect device security setting” in the Ring app (that happens when I switch them between SmartThings and Ring). Just un-pair and immediately re-pair and that error goes away.

One other crappy thing to note, I found out that if the Ring hub loses primary internet connectivity and uses LTE as backup, you can’t control the lights or door locks. Initially I wanted to be able to use this as a backup just in case my primary internet connection dies, but sadly the options to control the devices disappear when on LTE backup.

One last thing; the red series notification features appear not to work with the Ring hub. Just get the Black series and you’ll be good.

This is EXACTLY what I have planned also. Is it pretty straightforward setting up the notifications for arm/disarm in ST app?