Insane Response Times - LZW42

I’ve been noticing degraded performance on my z-wave mesh and I’ve just done a bit of troubleshooting and am seeing a few LZW42 RGBW bulbs that are causing insane response times. These are on 100% of the time and I just restarted my network to get fresh numbers and did a heal:

This bulb is 5 feet or less in direct path of the sink bulb in the first screenshot, and is clearly working quite well.

Other dimmers and fan/lights are well within tolerance (200ms or less, most under 100ms).

Any thoughts or ideas or should I try removing and re-pairing these nodes?

Have you updated them to the latest firmware? The other configuration item that would contribute to slow times would be if they are joined secure.

They all match this, latest I have seen is 2.30. Also looks like they are not securely paired (is that even possible with these?):

I’m not sure on the possibility. Do you have any secure nodes in your network? If not then I would try a heal (i just re-read that you already did this) and see if that cleans things up. Last resort would be to remove and re-add. You could also try moving the bulb to a different location in your home and see if you get different results. Each time you move it, you should probably heal the network to make sure it re-organizes the mesh.

I do think I might just remove/add. It’s literally feet away from another bulb that is performing perfectly (under 100ms consistently) so I think it’s just a borked few bulbs.

Honestly I hadn’t noticed anything until the last 48 hours or so. Nothing really changed, who knows.