Is a "Load" wire reqired in smart bulb mode? (Blue-Series)

I have a 3-way non-neutral switch setup, and planned on using a blue series switch with an AUX switch in the far box with 3 conductors - exactly like this illustration :

However, it would be awesome to get the LED bar on the far side too using 2 Blues instead of the AUX, which is not supported since the near switch box doesn’t have a neutral.

I’m planning on using a zigbee (hue) bulb there and binding it to the switch anyway (and using SBM), so would it be possible to just wire both conductors to Line/neutral at the fixture and to both switches and leave the Load connection empty?

Yes you can. You don’t need load if using it as a scene controller (bulb controller). However you’ll need to make sure your bulbs still get power.

Just wire up line and neutral.

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And no SBM, as that only applies to a wired load.

It’ll work fine. I have 2 red dimmers in my house without a load connected. Both are associated with another red dimmer that actually controls a load. In one location it’s a completely different circuit, I wired it that way on purpose knowing I could associate them as long as there was space in a box.

Zigbee works similar except you bind them to the bulbs to control the bulbs directly.

Alright, thanks for the replies! Another question on this setup.
Since both of the Blues would just be “scene controllers” for the same bulb, would I still want to program them to Multi-way mode?

No need!