Is it possible to press (or hold) a button in Hubitat scripting?


I have a switch setup for shower LED strips that works fine. One press for white, two for blue, etc., and all the while I even change the LED on the switch to match the light color.
I have another switch next to the door coming into the bathroom that I have set for 2x press to dim the mirror lights to 45% and this works fine.
I was trying to figure out how to utilize the Scripted button presses in the programming of the mirror switch to do a 1x, 2x, 3x press of the shower strip light switch - I cannot seem to figure out how of if it is even possible.
My work-around has been to just duplicate what I have on the other switch to at least get the strips onto white, then you can change color further from the shower switch.
Hope this makes sense. Any thoughts or ideas?

When you say scripted button presses, are you talking about the different press options for scenes? Depending on the switch you have in place, I think this sounds like a good use of scenes, link for reference -

Alternatively if you need automation rules to make it work the way you want, have you tried the button controller app? It’s one of the built-in app options, not certain if it’ll work with the switch vs a remote, etc, but may be worth a shot since it’ll make it very simple as far as triggering based on certain buttons if so. Otherwise I think you can use the Custom Attribute trigger in Rule Machine, but it may need some playing around with to make sure you get the right syntax for it.

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@chack, thanks. There is an option in the Hubitat logic when setting up button controllers that says “Push Button”. I have attached a screen shot of it and hopefully it is more clear.
My thinking was that it would “from the hub” do the same as physically a 2x press, but nothing happens.

Config button is button no. 7.

Gotcha. I think for multiple presses of the same button, you’re looking at scenes, what model switch is this? Choosing button number 2 isn’t going to press it 2x, just whatever is considered button 2 one time.

It is a Red Series switch, and I understood the screenshot I pasted to be equal to physically walking up the said switch and doing a button 2 press (on 2x), but I suppose this is not what this screed does. I wonder then, what is it there for?

The first question is whether you are using the Hubitat driver (basic functions only) or the Inovelli one (advanced features)? Assuming the latter, here’s some holiday weekend reading:

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Ok, I’d agree with vreihen as far as going the Scenes route then and the red series should have you covered there.

My understanding on that screenshot would be that it says when Master Bath Mirror light switch button 3 gets pushed, virtually push Master Bath Strip Light Switch button 2 once.

This should work, but you need to make sure you have a recent version of the driver. I think I added the button methods just a few weeks ago to be able to do a “virtual” press on one of our devices.

You would still need to use our button mapping to simulate the exact button press as on the device. For example, to simulate the up button pressed 3 times you would choose “button 3 pushed”. To simulate the down button pressed 3 times you would choose “button 3 held”.

@EricM_Inovelli - it took me a while to get back to this, but after firmware updating it worked perfectly! Thank you,

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Awesome, glad to hear it.