Is it safe to say that Inovelli is now ONLY Zigbee?

Since Z-Wave devices have been perpetually out of stock for years now, it seems like Inovelli is only focusing on Zigbee and when there’s any stock whatsoever (once in a blue moon) of anything, it’s only Zigbee.

No, not at all. Project Phoenix is a 2-1 Zwave Dimmer that is in production right now I believe. Their general approach will be Zigbee device and then follow up with Zwave.

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Thanks for the response. After years of brand loyalty and then never being able to buy anything because it’s always backordered, out of stock or otherwise unavailable my loyalty is starting to seriously diminish - especially after the multi-button switch debacle that had me on a waitlist for years. I want to stick with Inovelli but if you can’t ever get the products then it’s hard to stick to.

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@Eric_Inovelli has been VERY forthcoming with all of their corporate/finance challenges, factory relationship problems, and other stuff. If anyone takes the time to read all of his posts here, it will make them glad that they are not a CEO!

Under the hood, all Z-Wave chips are made by only one company. Zigbee chips come from multiple sources. Much of the awesome Inovelli Z-Wave switches that we have been enjoying for years were based on the 500 series Z-Wave chip.

The chip manufacturer released their 700 series chips, telling everyone to use that chip as the 500 series was being phased out. Inovelli developed the “holy grail” LZW-36 light/fan switch using the 700 series chips, and had other 700 series products in the pipeline to replace the 500 series stuff when COVID hit…followed by a falling out with their Z-Wave manufacturer.

If I recall correctly, some problem was discovered inside the 700 series chips, so the Z-Wave chip manufacturer rushed the development of the 800 series. Whether is was the chip/fab shortage or 700 series production being cut, the back-order time on 700 series chips in the small batch quantities that Inovelli needed is/was over a year! Faced with empty shelves and no way to manufacture new Z-Wave products, they took their smart switch knowledge and rolled out the Blue Series Zigbee line since those chips were available.

Inovelli is still committed to Z-Wave, and the soon-to-ship Red Series 2-in-1 switch is the world’s first 800 series switch to be approved by the Z-Wave alliance a few weeks ago.

I’m sure that Eric or someone will chime in if my summary above is incorrect.

FWIW, I have two different Z-Wave pre-orders in as well (including the years-delayed multi-button), and I refuse to cancel either because I have faith in Team Inovelli delivering those new and awesome products some day…

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Add to this, the Z-Wave chips are currently 800 series chips. I don’t know the longevity of the 700 series parts.