Is there a way to disable the config button from changing parameters?

I’m using Blue series switches in a rental property, and do not want the guests to change switch parameters via the config button. Is there a way to disable it and only allow switch parameter changes from my Hubitat?

We would still need the reset function in case things go wrong, but I would like to prevent my guests from changing things like smart bulb mode. I recently had one guest change the switch to enable smart bulb (the fixture had a regular bulb), and then complained that the switch was broken because it would not turn off the light. It cost me a maintenance call, and they were not able to fix it because I had to do that remotely via Hubitat once I saw what happened.

@breazile, no there is not. To get into the parameters as is was thought to be enough of a process to mitigate most from causing this type of issue. It has to be fairly deliberate to change parameters because of holding the paddle and pressing the config button a set number for each item you want to change.

Is there a feature request list tracked somewhere? Disabling Quick Tap sequences would be the ask. In my case changing to smart bulb mode happened. Although it is difficult it does happen.

@breazile, I will pass this on and get back to you if I can find something on this.