Is there a way to sync the dim level between two dimmer switches?

I am looking to install two red dimmer switches to control two separate rows of 4 recessed lights in one room. I’m looking for options on how to sync the dimming levels of the two switches. I would love to be able to use either a scene (double or triple tap) or the config button to sync the dim of the switch to the other. Is this possible? Or are there any other options to get these to sync the dim levels?

Z-wave associate each dimmer to the other, that way they stay in sync without the need for a home automation platform to sync them. One of the best features of the Z-wave protocol.

I do this with Cooper Aspire dimmers controlling separate under cabinet circuits so they act like one. I don’t run ST so can’t help you with the association setup, but it should be straightforward on most home automation platforms.

Are the two switches in the same box?

They are both in the same box. Using Z-Wave association would I still be able to control them independently? They will be used in a living room so there are times where I would want to dim the front row while leaving the back row set brighter while say watching TV. Then when finished watching TV I would want to sync them back up. Is this possible?

I was going to suggest that you wire both rows to the same switch, but I see that you still need independent control, so nvm, lol.

Someone should respond to your association questions.

If you want occasional independent control then disregard my previous suggestion on using Z-wave Associations.

What you want is a scene triggered as you originally suggested, that when activated would set the secondary dimmer to the primary dimmer or vice a versa.

My apologies for not fully understanding your use-case. Hopefully a ST user can answer your question.