Is this doable with Inovelli Red dimmer switches and Hubitat?

I think that the 2 switches on either side of my closet door are opposite of where I think they should be. That is, I think the one that is on the left side, and controls my closet light, should actually be on the right side, closest to my bedroom. Likewise, I think the right side switch, which is one of a 3-way pair to the hallway (which is to the left of my closet), should be on the left side of my closet door.

If I put Inovelli Red series dimmers on all 3 switches (the 2 at my closet and the other one on the other half of the hall 3-way) could I “program” them such that the typical on/off push to the left switch would work with the other 3-way dimmer controlling the hall light, and pushing the switch on the right side would turn my closet light on or off? Better still, if they are all dimmers, could I dim those lights with them swapped as described above?



I believe you should be able to do this through association. One would control the other and vice versa.