Issue with dimmer and led pulsing

I have inovelli switches throughout my home. I participated in beta programs here; I love the products. I have other red series dimmers elsewhere (some with dimming bulbs, others used in a 3 way config) with no issues. The ones that are with dimming bulbs I had to play around a bit with bulb brands as well as min/max values but I eventually got everything where I wanted it.

Above my shower, I have a single led adjustable wafer made by lithonia ( so it’s not necessarily an “off brand.” It is listed as being dimmable.

I currently have the following configuration settings: (only those I changed…and I have these same settings elsewhere but different bulbs)
dimming speed 0
dimming speed from switch 2
ramp rate 0
ramp rate from switch 2
minimum level 10
maximum level 99
default level zwave 99
default level local 99
state after power restored 99
ac power type neutral
switch type load only

The light turns on and off immediately as I want it and is at full brightness. Dimming though, is where things get wierd. In general, if I dim down to between 1-35% (either at the physical switch or through smartthings) it dims down fine. Between 35-55% the light strobes. 55%-99% the light is fine. So it has a strobing middle section only which I have never seen before. Where I had issues with other lights was if I went too low only they would strobe. Do I need to play around more with my settings? I tried raising the min to 45% but it didn’t really change anything. I tried setting default to 55 instead of 99 and this caused it to strobe at 55%-99%.

Worth playing around a bit more. I’d also try a bypass. Jasco makes one for $10. I haven’t tried it yet but a few bucks cheaper than Aeotec.

Crap, completely forgot about a bypass. I did have to use one with one of my fan switches.

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Did you ever get these to work? I had the same issue last year and gave up, I returned the lithonia brand for and off brand, “torchstar”, these work much better. I don’t get full dimming, but at least these don’t flicker uncontrollably when powering on at low dimmer setting.
Overall, I don’t think there is any thin form factor recessed lighting that is fully compatible with inovelli dimmers. I hope that changes.

It is “working” I suppose. Everything functions and I can dim as I wish. I did have to install a bypass which allowed for everything to work. I do have an issue where the light will occasionally pulse. It seems to do this randomly so I am not sure what is to blame. Sometimes it is completely fine and other times it pulses faintly when on and I have had it shut off for no reason a few times. Could be the light, the switch or even the bypass as I went with the cheaper jasco option over the aeotec as that is what was available at the time.