Killed my dimmer with C7 upgrade

I think I just killed one of my Red dimmers. I recently switched everything from my c5 to c7. Several of my dimmers were in 3-way configurations and when I switched boxes they appear to have lost 3-way capability and the ge switches quit working. Of course I decided to go and try to fix the 4-way circuit (in the main family room) instead of one of the 3-ways, and attempted it through the hubitat device settings. Well, not only did it not fix the other switches, it killed the inovelli dimmer. The LED does not come on anymore, and now I can’t turn on the lights. Needless to say, my wife is passed. What is the easiest way to get this fixed? Do I just need to swap out another dimmer, or can I get this one back?

Do be you have a Z wave stick?

No, I do not.

Did you try to do a firmware upgrade?, or what did you do to fix it through the hubs device settings that ‘killed it’?

Have you tried factory resetting the switch and starting over? Press and hold the config button for 25-30 seconds, if that helps, you’ll need to re-include it into your mesh.

Dang, I feel others were able to reflash using PC Controller. Hmm perhaps others will chime in. Hopefully a quick reflash will recover it.

I can’t do a factory reset from what I am seeing. I did press and hold the config button, but still no lights came on. It is acting like there is no power coming to it at all. I am going to take the switch plate off today and check that the power is actually there, which it should be, nothing changed other than me changing the setting to 3-way from nothing under switch type.

This all started because my wife was upset the GE Aux switches weren’t working. I never even used them, so I had no idea it wasn’t working. I should have just left them alone, at least until my wife was going to be gone for a while.

Ok, I still don’t know why it quit working, but I got it back up.

I turned off the breaker and turned it back on. The LED lit up so I went through the manual setup and got it running in a 3-way setup with aux switches and now everything is great.

Thanks for the replies. From now on I will only do changes when I’m the only one home.

This is the way…Glad you got it back up and running.

Was worried for you! This would be a first for us from a customer service standpoint lol

Kidding aside, glad you got it up and running :slight_smile:

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